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Guess What’s Back — On the Clock 2015!

Steve Shoup
Is it ever too early to think about the NFL Draft? Of course not! 

That’s why we’ve launched On the Clock 2015!

What positions did your team not fill? What players might you want your team to get in the 2015 NFL Draft? Use On the Clock 2015 & figure it all out!

Please note for now the draft order is based off of the 2014 NFL Draft Order. Starting in September we’ll update draft order based on our Power Rankings. Other data will updated as frequently as possible during the summer and as changes need to be made.

Regular weekly updates will start back up in September as well.

And stay tuned in early September when we do a big relaunch with upgrades to both On the Clock & On the Clock Premium in time for the start of football season!

Draft for your favorite team as GM HERE!



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