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Tennessee Titans Team Needs for 2013 NFL Draft

1. Cornerback

2. Defensive Tackle

3. Guard

4. Defensive End

5. Safety

6. Outside Linebacker

7. Tight End

With the Titans signings in free agency at guard, tight end and running back, much of their draft can now be focused on defense. Of all their defensive needs, cornerback probably stands out the most, as the loss of Courtland Finnegan really impacted their secondary last year. Tennessee signed stopgap safeties this offseason, but long-term it remains a significant consideration.

Though their defensive line has some young, solid players on it, they lack the premiere talent needed for them to become a top level defense. The Titans could use both an imposing defensive tackle and an edge rusher at defensive end. Of the two, defensive tackle is probably a slightly bigger need.

The Titans signed guard Andy Levitre to fill one of their starting guard roles, but they could use an upgrade at the other guard position as well. Expect the Titans to use a mid-round pick in this area to help give Jake Locker and Chris Johnson the best chance to succeed.


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