New York Giants Team Needs for 2013 NFL Draft

Team Needs

1. Offensive Tackle

2. Inside Linebacker

3. Cornerback

4. Running Back

5. Tight End

6. Defensive End

The Giants have filled many of their needs with short term stop gap options in free agency. That will allow them to draft their needs, in the order that they want, rather than what they would need the most.

The Giants could use a long term answer at right tackle, they have some younger options, but they are very unproven. If New York could find an answer in the first two rounds, it could bolster the entire offense. Despite drafting David Wilson in the first round last year, New York could look to add a running back in this draft. They might not grab one too early, but they definitely need someone to pair with Wilson.

On defense the two biggest concerns are finding a long term solution at inside linebacker (Dan Conner was a nice signing, and if they land a stud ILB, Conner could move outside), and to increase their cornerback talent. The Giants have lacked an impact ILB since Antonio Pierce left, and that needs to be fixed ASAP. As for corner they have a lot of intriguing options in camp, but not a lot of certainty especially long term. One other defensive need is finding another pass rusher to add for depth.


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