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Fanspeak’s NFL Draft Player VALUE Big Board

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, I wanted to share more tools for you to use on NFL Draft weekend. Hopefully you’ve already downloaded Fanspeak’s FREE NFL Draft Guide, with 250 pages of analysis on the upcoming NFL Draft.

Fanspeak’s 325 Player Big Board is another great resource. But how do you know exactly where these players SHOULD be drafted?  That’s where our Player VALUE Big Board comes into play.

As you can see below, it displays where a player should be drafted based on their value. This is not based on an actual draft, so there can be fewer or more players in a given round than the number of picks. You can also see that it shows which positions have more elite level talent (Round 1), or more depth (more players in the mid rounds).

Hopefully you’ll find this to be a useful tool during the NFL Draft. Here is a similar version of the Value Big Board broken out by position.  So feel free to share this infographic! 

Fanspeak's NFL Draft Player VALUE Big Board From Fanspeak.com

To embed this infographic on your website, use the following code:

<a href=”https://fanspeak.com/nfldraft/2013/04/18/fanspeaks-nfl-draft-player-value-big-board/”><img title=”Fanspeak’s NFL Draft Player VALUE Big Board From Fanspeak.com” alt=”Fanspeak’s NFL Draft Player VALUE Big Board From Fanspeak.com” src=”https://fanspeak.com/images/fanspeak-2013draft-value-board.jpg” /></a><br /><div style=”width:601px; padding: 10px;”><a href=”https://fanspeak.com/nfldraft/2013/04/18/fanspeaks-nfl-draft-player-value-big-board/”>Fanspeak’s NFL Draft Player VALUE Big Board From Fanspeak.com</a></div>


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