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2012 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Guard David DeCastro

Steve Shoup

2012 NFL Draft Scouting Report:  OG David DeCastro, Stanford (Junior)     

Guard David DeCastro


Height- 6’5″

Weight- 310


  • Smart lineman, knows the importance of keeping a clean pocket, rarely let anyone get close to Andrew Luck
  • Has an excellent anchor, rarely allows the defender to determine his path
  • Really good hand placement, doesn’t get too wide where he will possibly be called for a penalty
  • Strong footwork, plays with a good base and good leverage
  • Gets off the ball quickly, rarely is beaten off the ball by the defender
  • Excellent run blocker, extremely capable in any run blocking scheme
  • Very good pass blocker


  • How would he fair without the passing and running talent on Stanford?
  • Could get more consistent


DeCastro is one of the most complete prospects in the draft, as honestly there isn’t much there to critique. He grades out extremely well in every category one could hope for. Yes, there might be a question about him looking this good due to Andrew Luck, but really it is a moot point. Both are star players who are better because the other one is there. DeCastro would still be an elite prospect regardless of the team that he was on, he’s just a ‘no brainer’ because he was on Stanford. DeCastro is the best pure interior line prospect of the last 5 years, and should be a Pro Bowl candidate from the moment he steps on to the field.

David DeCastro Draft Projection: 1st round, top interior lineman off the board, is easily a top 15 pick and should go top 10.

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