NFL Power Rankings

2018 Preseason NFL Power Rankings – 07/05/18:


1- Philadelphia Eagles
Wentz should be back in time and the strong defensive line got stronger with Michael Bennett.

2- Minnesota Vikings
Top to bottom the most talented roster and adding DeFilippo could be as big as Cousins.

3- New Orleans Saints
Can guys like Lattimore and Kamara make even bigger impacts in season two?

4- New England Patriots
Not usually coming in at other than 1 but a lot of weird stuff happened this off season.

5- Jacksonville Jaguars
Only Blake can keep this team from winning big.

6- Los Angeles Rams
The new defense is going to be interesting to watch.

7- Pittsburgh Steelers
Big Ben worried just a bit about Mason Rudolph?

8- Los Angeles Chargers
I have a good feeling about these guys this season.

9- Atlanta Falcons
Still hurting from the loss in Philly I am sure.

10- Kansas City Chiefs
All about the Mahomes.

11- Carolina Panthers
NFC South will be a tough one again.

12- Tennessee Titans
I think the coaching move to Vrabel will be an upgrade.

13- Washington Redskins
I am buying into the Skins more than most I know.

14- Green Bay Packers
I actually have small faith but Rodgers is back so I can’t have them too far below.

15- Buffalo Bills
Have to think Allen has a good chance to start week one.

16- Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson is top 5, what is left on the Hawks is mid 20s.

17- Arizona Cardinals
Rosen like Allen has to have a chance to start week one.

18- Detroit Lions
Will be interesting to see how Patricia does.

19- Baltimore Ravens
Not buying into the Crabtree, Snead, Brown wideout moves.

20- Dallas Cowboys
Not feeling the Cowboys roster.

21- San Francisco 49ers
They will be back but pumping the brakes a bit on how quick.

22- Oakland Raiders
Not as big on Derek Carr as most.

23- Houston Texans
Bill O’Brien just seems like a coach who isn’t going to last.

24- Indianapolis Colts
Doing this based on I feel Luck is playing week one.

25- NY Giants
I think 2016 was more of a fluke than 2017 was.

26- NY Jets
Could be the surprise crew they were in early 2017 though.

27- Cincinnati Bengals
2019 will finally be the time to move on from Marvin and Andy.

28- Miami Dolphins
Unsure on QB, unsure on coach.

29- Denver Broncos
Vance Joseph showed nothing.

30- Chicago Bears
All about how Mitch grows with Nagy.

31- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jameis ain’t there for the long haul.

32- Cleveland Browns
Got to win a game to get out of 32.