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2018 NFL Mock Draft Database

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Updated 4/23!


Mock Draft Date Updated Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Live 4 Sport Network 4/23 Darnold Barkley Rosen Chubb Ward
NFL Draft Days - Frank 4/21 Allen Darnold Mayfield Barkley Rosen
NFL Mock 4/21 Darnold Barkley Allen Rosen Nelson - Steve 4/19 Darnold Rosen Mayfield Chubb Nelson - William 4/19 Darnold Allen Mayfield Barkley Rosen
NFL Rough Draft 4/19 Darnold Barkley Mayfield Chubb Allen
WalterFootball 4/19 Allen Barkley Mayfield Darnold Nelson
Draft Utopia 4/19 Darnold Barkley Rosen Fitzpatrick Mayfield
Rotoworld 4/19 Allen Darnold Mayfield Barkley Ward
Draftwire 4/18 Darnold Barkley Mayfield Chubb Allen
Draftek 4/18 Darnold Barkley Rosen Chubb Mayfield - John 4/18 Darnold Rosen Mayfield Allen Barkley
Functional Sportsaholic 4/18 Darnold Rosen Allen Chubb Smith - Daniel Jeremiah 4/17 Darnold Barkley Mayfield Chubb Allen
Mocking the Draft 4/16 Allen Darnold Mayfield Chubb Rosen
CBS 4/16 Allen Chubb Mayfield Darnold Barkley
WalterFootball - Charlie 4/16 Allen Darnold Mayfield Barkley Nelson
Deep Fried Draft 4/13 Darnold Chubb Mayfield Barkley Allen
National Fanatic 4/13 Chubb Rosen Darnold Allen Barkley
Arena Fanatic 4/12 Rosen Barkley Darnold Chubb Nelson
NDT Scouting 4/12 Allen Darnold Mayfield Chubb Nelson
Mock Out 4/12 Rosen Mayfield Darnold Allen Ward
Draft Countdown 4/11 Darnold Chubb Allen Barkley Mayfield
Sports Gambling Podcast 4/11 Allen Rosen Mayfield Barkley Darnold
DRAFTPLEX 4/08 Allen Darnold Mayfield Chubb Barkley
Football Fanspot 4/08 Darnold Rosen Allen Barkley Nelson - Charlie Casserly 4/03 Darnold Barkley Rosen Chubb Allen
EatDrinkSleep Football 4/02 Darnold Allen Rosen Barkley Mayfield
Breaking Football 3/31 Darnold Rosen Mayfield Allen Nelson
Bleacher Report - Matt Miller 3/26 Darnold Chubb Allen Barkley Mayfield - Lance Zierlein 3/08 Barkley Darnold Allen Chubb Rosen
Draft Blaster 3/08 Darnold Williams Miller Sutton Allen
MSG Networks 3/01 Alen Barkley Brown Darnold Mayfield
Football Couch Scout 3/01 Darnold Rosen Chubb Barkley Nelson
The Landry Hat 2/19 Barkley Rosen Chubb Darnold Mayfield
Side Lion Report 2/09 Darnold Rosen Chubb Barkley Allen