Where Will Terrelle Pryor Go in the Supplemental Draft?

NFL Draft

Now that Terrelle Pryor has hired his big gun, Drew Rosenhaus the question remains, where will he end up getting selected in the NFL Supplemental Draft next month?

Now every draft prognosticator is rushing to point out that they don’t believe Terrelle Pryor can play quarterback at the next level, and that he will have to move to WR. While I’d admit that I think that option has to be on the table, I’m absolutely shocked with how sure these draft analysts are. And the reason I’m most shocked, is the fact that we heard the exact same thing from the draft analyst community last year when Cam Newton ‘chose’ Auburn. While it wasn’t as wide spread because no one thought Newton would be coming out this past season, considering he only had one year starting at Blinn College really under his belt. But the general consensus you heard among scouts was that Newton as quick and highly athletic and could look to move to TE or WR in two years. Yet after just one year at Auburn Newton sky rocketed to the top overall pick in the draft. Now scouts are going to trying to defend themselves by saying that they didn’t see Newton enough to know how well he’d do against Division 1 competition…really?? Did I miss the memo that seeing a quarterback (or any NFL prospect) less is a good thing?? Isn’t there a distinct possibility that this was a fluke, one year wonder? Or possibly a ‘system’ quarterback?

Now Newton defenders will say that his lone college season was so incredible that he separates himself from the pack. Well the Panthers better hope that is true, because when you look at college quarterback numbers of the last 10 years, the ‘pack’ that Newton is in isn’t very promising. Newton’s yards per attempt ranks in the top 10 from the last 10 years, unfortunately so do Ryan Dinwiddie, David Johnson, Stefan Lefors, Rudy Carpenter, Colt Brennan, and Rex Grossman. On the positive side Jason Campbell and Sam Bradford had top 10 finishes, but to point at this incredible season for his status as the top pick is a little ridiculous. What really makes it a joke of an excuse is the fact, that much of Newton’s incredible season was due to his feet, as he threw under 300 passes last season. While it is amazing that he has this athletic ability, history has shown if you don’t develop as a QB first, it won’t matter how fast you are (ex. early years of Michael Vick and now Vince Young.

Now what does this have to do with Pryor? Not too much, other than to say that Drew Rosenhaus has quite a bit of precedent to stand on when suggesting that Pryor should be a 1st round QB (I’m not suggesting that, just saying he has standing). If the scouts are now willing to say they were so wrong on Newton, why should we believe them to make a snap judgement on Pryor?

The question does come up about Pryor’s mechanics and deep arm strength, but I think one relates to the other. I think Pryor’s mechanics need work, which should help increase his deep velocity. As for a concern about this being an issue? That is completely up to Pryor. Tim Tebow had completely awful mechanics (and they still aren’t perfect), but he has shown he is willing to work at it and become a better QB. If Pryor puts in that level of dedication and can show an ability to read defenses and understand playbooks, then I wouldn’t be so concerned about his mechanics. If you look around the league right now you’ll see numerous different throwing styles, and while some are more time tested than others, no one is going to question whether Phillip Rivers or Aaron Rodgers should change their mechanics, despite the fact that they aren’t as typical as say Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Rodgers is a great example for another reason, as he was really developed into the QB he is today. The Packers really cleaned up his mechanics and quickened his release, that now with his hard work he has become an elite QB. If Pryor wants it, and stays focused there is nothing preventing him from doing the same.

Now I realize that is a big if, and I think that is why he will be drafted in the 4-6th round in the Supplemental Draft, but his potential is limitless if he wants to get his act together. My advice, listen to the draft analysts when they talk about the round, but ignore this position change talk for now.

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