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Ranking the Quarterbacks of the NFC West

The teams of the NFC West are celebrated primarily for their defense rather than their offensive schemes. They’re more likely to dominate you than outscore you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t boast good QB play—includng two of the best young passers in the NFL. And by saving big on every ticket, every day at ScoreBig.com, now you can catch any of them live.

4. Arizona Cardinals ticket holders were dismayed when veteran starter Carson Palmer went down for the season with an ACL tear last week. Now the onus is on unproven novice Drew Stanton to lead the would be-Super Bowl contenders to the promised land.

3. The St. Louis Rams entered the season hoping Sam Bradford would take a major leap this season, but like Palmer, he too, was lost to an ACL injury. In his place has been journeyman Josh McCown, and St. Louis is suffering through yet another losing season as a result.

2. One of the clearest reasons to go out and get 49ers tickets is to see just how effortlessly Colin Kaepernick lives up to the hype. He’s tall and strong, and the only thing more impressive than his mobility is his rocket arm. Leading the Niners to the Super Bowl and the NFC championship game in back-to-back seasons is quite the resume.

1. Winning the Super Bowl, however, makes for a better resume. That’s why Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is toast of the NFC West until further notice. He’s one of the least-frills, most likeable athletes in sports. Kaepernick might have more talent but Wilson excels in taking exactly what the defense gives him and executing the Seahawks’ schemes with precision. You want an excuse to get some Seattle Seahawks tickets? Start with Wilson.

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