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The Best Stadium Experiences of the NFC West

There isn’t just heavy competition in the NFC West for the distinction of best team—there’s also a competition for the title of best of best home fields. But in the end regardless of each stadium’s perks, the real winner is you, because you’ll be the one enjoying said perks by saving big on every NFL ticket, every day with ScoreBig.com!

Home to St. Louis Rams tickets, the Edward Jones Dome is old by modern NFL standards (it opened in the early ‘90s), but is not without a full set of charms. A strong menu, passionate fans, and plenty of free parking around the stadium ensures it’ll be worth the price of admission.

University of Phoenix Stadium, or the “Bird’s Nest” as Arizona Cardinals ticket buyers colloquially call it, is another one of the new, state-of-the-art domed stadiums that make watching the NFL in-person so fun. A great facet of this one is that its entire playing field can slide through an opening of the building, exposing the surface to real sunlight. It’s also got a retractable roof so fans can get some of that Vitamin D, too.

Levi Stadium
The newest stadium in the NFL replaced the iconic but outdated Candlestick Park. Now when you purchase San Francisco 49ers tickets, you’ll be treated to the most innovative field imaginable. SF is the home to Silicon Valley and tech start-ups, and Levi Stadium reflects that mindset. It provides WiFi and shockingly fast speeds, as well as apps to order food and beer directly to your seat. It’s also not oversized or overpacked, meaning any seat in the house offers good sight lines and a comfortable experience.

The last stadium of our tour of the NFC West is probably the most celebrate home field in all of football. The Seattle Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field is legendary for its noise and in-game atmosphere. The crowd is collectively known as “the 12th Man,” and their list of achievements is ridiculous. The Hawks were 66-30 at home since 2002 at season’s start. The crowd’s roar once reached 137.6 decibels last season (that’s louder than a jet taking off), and they’re a false-start producing machine: 130 of them to be exact, the most of any venue in the NFL.

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