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Ranking The Quarterbacks of the NFC South

The AFC South is a strong division for quarterback play. Three of them can lay claim to being amongst the best in league, and one of those three is a Super Bowl champion and certain first ballot Hall of Famer. Want to watch any of them sling passes live? You easily can – by scoring big on every ticket, every day at ScoreBig.com!

4. It’s been a while since Tampa Bay ticket buyers have had a franchise winning quarterback to really celebrate. Josh Freeman looked like he could be that guy for a few years, but his tenure ended in disappointment. Mike Glennon & Josh McCown are capable passers, but not the kind of cornerstone you build a franchise around.

3. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has all the talent in the world, but it plagued by inconsistency. Still, when the former Heisman winner and number one overall pick is humming, he’s one of the most exciting QBs in football.

2. Watching Matt Ryan perform in person is the clearest reason why you need to get your hands on some Julio Jones & Roddy White.

1. The New Orleans Saints are having a down year by their standards, but Drew Brees is still the top QB in the NFC South until further notice. He continues to be one of the most dominant passers in football, wracking up yards at an outrageous clip on a weekly basis. The Saints will need him to be at his best if they’re going to secure the division down the stretch.



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