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Five Great Players To See Live In The NFC South

The NFC South is all about parity this season. No one team in the league is head-and-shoulders above the rest. We’re nearly two-thirds through the season and the division is still wide open and up for grabs. There’s talent across all four rosters; here are five names you absolutely should see live by saving on every ticket, every day with ScoreBig.com!

The NFC South is deepest when it comes to receivers. New Orleans Saints ticket buyers know Jimmy Graham is probably the most dynamic of them all. He’s listed as a TE but his skill and style of play is much more like a larger wide out. He’s too fast for linebackers, and too strong for most corners. This usually leads to a lot of touchdowns, early and often.

The Atlanta Falcons, meanwhile, boast two wonderful receivers of their own in Roddy White and Julio Jones. White’s the vet who’s had 7 career 1,000 yard seasons, while Jones is the young stud who’s well on his way toward matching that.

Another promising young receiver is Mike Evans. If you’re in the market for Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets, you’ll be rewarded by watching this former Texas A&M standout run routes in person. Rookie receivers sometimes struggle making the jump from college to the pros, but Evans has had very little learning curve—he’s shaping up to have a 1,000 yard, 10 touchdown year.

Another great player that’ll absolutely justify the price of Carolina Panthers tickets is running back DeAngelo Williams. He’s been an anchor of that Panthers offense for practically a decade, and he’s as likeable off the field as on it, acting as the NFL’s face of the fight against breast cancer.

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