The Best Stadium Experiences of the NFC North

NFC North

When it comes to stadium experiences in the NFC North, it’s an opposites game. One franchise’s full-time home hasn’t even been built yet, while two others have been on this earth for a combined 147 years! Each one offers plenty of reasons to catch a game live, and saving big on NFL tickets through is the easiest way to make it happen!

4) TCF Bank Stadium
The storied but out-dated Metrodome is no more, but the newly commissioned, tricked-out Vikings Stadium has yet to finish being built. So where should Minnesota Vikings ticket buyers expect to go to see their Purple People Eaters in person? The team’s temporarily playing at TCF Bank Stadium, the permanent home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Since the stadium wasn’t built for NFL games in mind it sports the smallest capacity of any of the league’s venues (only 52K and change), but there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, TCF’s small capacity is a massive benefit for any ticket-buyer – it’s cozy confines ensure every seat and sight line is a great one.

3) Ford Field
Home to Detroit Lions tickets since 2002, Ford Field is a great venue that embodies the positive and hardscrabble spirit of Detroit, both in its name and its brick-laden, stark aesthetic. The stadium’s “warehouse” design ensures a unique seating arrangement and a ton of natural light, and the concessions are both affordable, tasty, and designed to draw attention to local businesses and the cuisine of the region.

2) Soldier Field
Soldier Field is the granddaddy of all NFL stadiums. No, really—at 90 years old it’s the oldest of any of the league’s venues. Buying Chicago Bears tickets at Soldier Field is an exercise in experiencing history. This place hasn’t just hosted more memorable football games than any other—it’s also been home to World Cup soccer, the Special Olympics, NHL hockey, rock concerts, and more.

1) Lambeau Field
For a place that gets so cold that it’s famously known as “The Frozen Tundra,” the home of the Aaron Rodgers, there is no more storied and celebrated tradition than Packers games at Lambeau. Whereas every modern stadium is built with decks upon decks, terraces upon mezzanines, Lambeau sports a single bowl, more akin to a raucous college football of 1950s environment than the modern impersonal era. However, what it possesses in history it doesn’t lack in utility – the organization updated the entire confines and added 7,000 extra high-quality seats in the 2013 summer.

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