Ranking the Quarterbacks of the NFC North

NFC North

When you think of the NFC North, the only thing that should come to mind (besides the harsh climate) is passing. Lots and lots of passing. Air the ball out, all the time. We just looked at four of the best receivers in the division—now here are the quarterbacks responsible for getting them the ball. And if you want to see them pass the rock in person, well, ScoreBig.com will help you save on every ticket, every day.

4) Teddy Bridgewater
This Minnesota Vikings rookie has the potential to be a star for over a decade to come. A dominating presence in college at the University of Louisville, Bridgewater was projected to be the league’s number one overall draft pick until a poor pro day hurt his stock. Well, his drop down the board was the Vikings gain. He took over for inept and injured starter Matt Cassell early in the season and hasn’t looked back. This is his job now.

3 tie) Matthew Stafford & Jay Cutler
We have a tie in the next rankings between Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and Chicago Bears field general Jay Cutler. These two have rocket arms, and their ability to move the ball down-field with ease has rightfull earned them the reputation of being old-school gunslingers. However, both have struggled when it comes to taking that next step and translating fantastic talent into long-standing success. Both have had season where they struggle to stay healthy, too. Of the two of them, Cutler has gotten the farthest (he made the NFC championship game back in 2010), but he sometimes sports a petulant and standoffish streak that sometimes rubs teammates and commentators the wrong way.

1) Aaron Rodgers
The NFC North is brimming with quarterback talent, but there’s no denying Aaron Rodgers is tops on the food chain. Green Bay Packers ticket buyers are lucky, folks. They rode over a decade of sustained success with Brett Favre right into an era featuring a quarterback who might even be better than Favre when all is said and done. Rodgers already has one Super Bowl and there’s no reason to doubt he can’t add to that trophy case in the very near future.

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