Tuesday NFL Rewind – Megatron, NFC East & More

NFC North

By Staff Writer John Manuel:


Thoughts on this week’s top NFL stories:



1. Simple pick for game of the week, as Detroit won in the last seconds over Dallas.

We will to Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant in a second but the huge play of the game has to be the Tyron Smith penalty which stopped the clock giving Detroit just enough time to get down the field.  Maybe Jason Garrett should have gone for it in that situation after the Lions declined the penalty also.  He didn’t, kicked the field goal and Detroit went on to win.  Matthew Stafford is still in the “should he have been paid big bucks status” but that throw to Durham down the sidelines was as good as I have seen all season.  The toss to Megatron next was pretty nice also.

Speaking of Megatron it is still unreal to think that he could rack up 329 yards receiving alone in one game.  Brandon Carr was getting some solid hype after holding a couple decent receivers like Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson in check, but he was toasted all day on Sunday.  And I think we can end any debate right now who is better between Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant.  There was a lot of talk entering this game if Bryant was as good Johnson, especially from Bryant but Megatron showed everyone who is the best still.  As for Bryant, he is still a freakish talent and down the road could be at Johnson’s level, but not yet.


2.  The Kansas City Chiefs are now up to 8-0 but I am still not buying them.

And the funny thing is with each win I find myself less into buying them as the so-called best team.  I just can’t see their offense getting enough points once they have to play better teams than Cleveland, Buffalo, Oakland, etc.  I am impressed that they are 8-0, especially coming off last season’s disaster.  And the defense is for real but your defense can be lights out, but if you can’t move the ball consistently there is a good chance you’re going down come playoff time.

Just on a quick thought I would favor the following AFC teams over the Chiefs if they played now.  Denver, New England, Indianapolis, Cincinnati for sure.  And I think both Baltimore and San Diego could go into KC and win on the road although I would favor the Chiefs.  I am a huge believer that playoff teams with great defenses and non-explosive offenses always stall once they play a good team in the playoffs.   They can’t get it going and end up losing.  It happens every year with teams that go from 4-12 to the playoffs based on a last place schedule.


3. How bad is the NFC East?

It is pretty bad.  Each week it seems like at least three teams lose because each week three teams always do lose.  It probably would have been four if the Giants and Eagles didn’t play Sunday.  It is crazy how the Eagles have dropped after lighting up defenses the first two weeks.  And I know you can point at the quarterback position but Vick, Foles and now Barkley have all struggled the past two weeks in divisional home games.  I cannot see a team winning this division who can’t win home games.  At least both the two win Redskins and Giants have won a game at home this season.

So who wins this division and how many wins will it take?  My guess is 8 wins will do it.  Dallas by default should be the favorite based on the other three teams.  But Washington has a couple winnable games with San Diego at home and at Minnesota the next two.  But winnable doesn’t mean they will win based on how their season has gone.  The Giants probably dug themselves too big a whole to win the division but you really can’t count them out only two games back.  It could come down to who wins the most division games from here out since they are the only teams the NFC East can beat now.


marcusmariota (1)

4. Many thought last year’s draft was kind of boring when offensive lineman dominated the top of the draft.  But this year’s draft should be a good one with the potential quarterback action at the top we could see.

If guys like Marcus Mariotta and Johnny Manziel enter the 2014 draft the excitement will be like two years ago with Luck and RG3, probably more since those guys were locks at 1 and 2 months before.  It is a long way away but with those two, Teddy Bridgewater and guys like Hundley, Murray and other potential risers, the top of the draft could be interesting.

Teams like Jacksonville and Minnesota have to be excited at the QB potential this draft brings.  Even a team like Arizona should be sitting thrilled even if they are a mid-round drafter.  I think a couple guys who can’t like this draft are Jay Cutler and Kirk Cousins.  Both could be hurt by the multiple first round draft prospects teams will have a chance to get limiting their options.  Most likely the Bears will work something out with Cutler but if their season nose dives a new QB for Trestman could be an option.  I think Cousins has a lot to lose towards getting a chance to be a starter somewhere in 2014.  Teams most likely interested in Cousins may look at drafting someone instead of dishing out a pick to Washington.  That is if Washington would even be willing to move Cousins after this season.


5.  Who won the over-taunting of the week award for this past week?

It’s a battle between Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Golden Tate.  Both acted like clowns on their long touchdowns.  DRC gave us 40 yards of high stepping after picking off Kirk Cousins for a pick six.  He was looking like a lock for the award until Golden Tate took in a long touchdown from Russell Wilson and gave us a solid 20 yards of taunting the Rams as he almost ran out of bounds.  Where was Brandon Meriweather to go after the heads of knees?  I am joking they don’t deserve to be hurt but when DRC gets lit up like he did in Philly last year or Tate has a one catch game I wonder if they will do the same as this weekend.



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