Freeman’s Choice

Minnesota Vikings

By Guest Writer Tommy Nelson:

We all know the saga that was known as Josh Freeman this season. Head coach Greg Schiano benches Freeman for rookie Mike Glennon. Then Freeman fails to dress for the game, and doesn’t practice during the following week. Then we hear that Freeman wasn’t allowed in a team meeting, and was instead met by Schiano himself and they exchanged dialogue. The next thing you know the Bucs are shopping Freeman to anyone who will listen. The stove was not hot for Freeman, thus they had to release him.

Lucky for Freeman, the Vikings are in desperate need of a franchise quarterback. This is the perfect position for him to end up in, for having a chance to start quickly. Freeman will have to take the backseat to Christian Ponder returning this week, because he must learn the playbook. However, let’s get real, once Freeman knows the playbook Ponder’s days are numbered in Minnesota.

The only other place I think Freeman would have fit well in would have been with the Green Bay Packers. Now that is going to turn a lot of heads. Of course Aaron Rodgers isn’t going anywhere, and no Freeman wouldn’t have won that job no matter how well he played. But think of it like this, you are in the most controversial ordeal of your life, just lost your starting job, struggled all season with accuracy and confidence. What better place to go and learn than Green Bay? Rodgers would have been able to take Freeman under his wing, get his confidence back up, and help him read coverages, etc. Freeman made a very rash choice by going to the Vikings. There is no veteran leadership there to help him with his reads, and progressions. Personally, I believe Freeman makes the Vikings better, but he will struggle mightily there as well. Vikings fans don’t get too excited.



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