How ‘Bout Them Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

By Guest Writer Nick Clarke:


The Dallas Cowboys did something only one team was able to do in the past two and a half seasons: beat the Seahawks in Seattle.  After the convincing win over the defending champs, the Cowboys sit atop the NFC with a record of five and one, and appear as though they’re the team to beat right now.  It’s silly to deny them of their place they’ve so clearly earned through the first part of the season, but it’s also a bit foolish to be crowning the ‘Boys as Super Bowl champs at this juncture of the year. Although Dallas is many wins away from hoisting the Lombardi trophy in February, they look to be one of the best team in the NFL right now and look to have found a winning formula for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Tony Romo was able to win a game that has escaped Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers resumes over the past two years.  Romo led his squad into the hardest place to play in the league against the most complete team in the league and pulled off the biggest win of the early 2014 season.  Romo’s scramble and perfectly placed third and twenty fourth quarter throw illustrated this is a different Cowboys’ team, and Romo is leading the charge.  With a fantastic offensive line, the best running back in football, and an undeniably special wide receiver, Romo and the Cowboys now have a plethora of elite options to attack other teams.

The Cowboys won’t fade like they’ve done so often before.  Dallas features a complete team for the first time in years and isn’t piggybacking off Romo.  By adding multiple dimensions to the once singular dimensioned team, they have developed a steady winning formula.  The offensive line and DeMarco Murray have come together to become the best running game in the league.  With the stellar running game, the Cowboys’ opponents are forced to pick their poison with either stacking the box with eight to prevent the run or with a safety and a corner blanketing Dez Bryant or a backer and a safety blanketing Jason Witten.  The offense has many favorable matchups over the course of the rest of the season and should continue to prove themselves as a top tier offense in the league.

Rod Marinelli has turned what many thought would be the worst defense in the league into the most pleasant surprise of the Cowboys’ season.  After the departure of DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher via cap constrictions and the loss of Morris Claiborne and Sean Lee due to season ending injuries, the defense seemed doomed.  The addition of Rolando McClain has proved to be the turning point of the Cowboys’ defense and he has played absolutely phenomenal, filling in for Sean Lee in spades.

The atmosphere in Dallas exudes confidence and with a favorable next five games before the bye week, the ‘Boys look like real contenders.  Dallas has always had the NFL’s attention, now it’s time to let everyone know how good this team really is.



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