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What I Want to See From Redskins on Sunday

Here are the three things I want to see from Redskins on Sunday:


  1. I think the number one thing the Redskins need to do is get off the field on 3rd down.  If you have chances to make the Eagles punt, they better make them punt.      NFL: AUG 12 Preseason - Steelers at Redskins

Momentum can change on just one 3rd and 4th down conversion.  Remember the Seahawks playoff game?  Skins up 14-0 and had the Hawks back in their end, 3rd and long and Russell Wilson hits his tight end for the first down.  Game over from there.  Remember the Broncos blowout loss last season?  Before the blowout was on, Washington had Manning on the ropes until two 4thdown conversions.  Game over.

They must not let the Eagles do this to them.  I don’t think the Eagles are the Seahawks or the Broncos but there are good.  And the best way to do this is to get them into third and long and let Jason Hatcher and the boys get after Foles.


2. The Colts should have beaten the Eagles last week even though Andrew Luck was far from impressive on Monday night.  We can talk about Golden Boy Luck another time but I feel Kirk Cousins can play a better game Sunday than Luck did last week.

I know everyone expects Washington to pound the run versus the Eagles but the still need to make plays down field.  I don’t expect Desean to go but I know Pierre Garcon can still make big plays versus the Eagles corners.  If Desean doesn’t go, Aldrick Robinson could get another chance to play a big role.

Robinson has to make a play if he has a chance.  It seems like when he does the Skins wins, when he celebrates a long touchdown catch he didn’t make, they lose.  Ryan Grant and Niles Paul were very effective last week and will need to be once again also.


  1. Special teams have been an improvement since last season.  Then again eleven elementary school students could be better than the Burns Bunch.

Washington did a very good job and revamping the special teams’ talent and so far it has worked well.  I am happy with the kicking game since the week one blocked punt.  Coverage teams have been good including the Akeem Davis crush that is now a penalty.

But what I like most has been Andre Roberts on returns.  Last year the return game was bad as any team has ever had.  I didn’t think Roberts would show what he has so far especially on punts.  He has shown signs of breaking one and this week would be a perfect time.

In the end I think too many factors will have to play out for the Redskins to steal a victory in Philly.  I thought back to last season there and we were a play away from tying the eventual division champs.  But I think the Skins play tough but come up just short, 27-23.



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