NFC East Season Preview 2014

NFC East

By Guest Writer Nick Clarke:

The NFC East figures to be one of the NFL’s most exciting divisions, with exciting playmakers such as; Robert Griffin III, LeSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, and Victor Cruz.  With two of the division’s quarterbacks looking for redemption, and the other two playing at a supremely high level, this may be the NFL’s most explosive offensive division.  Although the division looks to be just fine on offense, it is expected to have four defenses in the bottom half of the league for a consecutive year.  With Romo coming off back surgery, McCoy predicting a two thousand yard performance for himself, DeSean Jackson moving to the Redskins, and Eli’s successful offseason rap, this division promises to entertain.

1)   Dallas Cowboys – 2013 Record: 8-8    tonyromo

The Dallas Cowboys look to finally get over the hump with a super charged offensive line, a mercurial young wide receiver, and a running back coming off his first pro-bowl.  The Cowboys had the worst defense in the entire league last season, and the third worst in NFL history, but with adding depth, an early draft pick, and a pro bowl nose tackle, this defense should not be as incompetent as last year.  Other than the Tyron Smith led offensive line, Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray, Demarcus Lawerence, and Henry Melton, who were all mentioned above, this Dallas Cowboys team needs Tony Romo more than ever.  Romo, who is coming off surgery to heal a herniated disk in his back, will need to be at his best in the upcoming season.  Romo will be hearing the plays from the pass happy mind of Scott Linehan this year, and with Romo’s attempts sure to skyrocket from last season, he will be asked to take more risks downfield. Call me the boy who cry’s wolf or whatever you’d like, but with all these electric pieces on offense and with a somewhat improved defense, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC East and reach the playoffs for the first time in five years.

2014 Predicted Record: 10-6

Sept. 7 vs. SF 27-23 (W)

Sept. 14 @ TEN 31-27 (W)

Sept. 21 @ STL 23-17 (W)

Sept. 28 vs. NO 31-17 (L)

Oct. 5 vs. HOU 23-21 (L)

Oct. 12 @ SEA 24-13 (L)

Oct. 19 vs. NYG 27-17 (W)

Oct. 27 vs. WAS 35-24 (W)

Nov. 2 vs. ARI 31-24 (W)

Nov. 9 @ JAC 27-16 (W)

Nov. 23 @ NYG 33-31 (L)

Nov. 27 vs. PHI 37-33 (W)

Dec. 4 @ CHI 31-23 (L)

Dec. 14 @ PHI 27-17 (L)

Dec. 21 vs. IND 27-23 (W)

Dec. 28 @ WAS 24-21 (W)


2)   Philadelphia Eagles – 2013 Record: 10-6

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

The Eagles’ high flying offense led by LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles added even more weapons; Jeremy Maclin will be making his Chip Kelly led Eagles debut after a season ending knee surgery last training camp and Darren Sproles will be joining McCoy to form one the most elusive backfields in the league.  The Eagles also used the draft to bolster the already fear inducing offense with the selection of Vanderbilt wide receiver Jordan Mathews.  Although the Eagles shouldn’t have too many problems on the offensive side of the ball, the defense shows no indication that it will be able to stop anybody.  Even with the additions to the offense, Chip Kelly and Nick Foles are bound to take a step back from their near perfect partnership from a season prior.  The Eagles do not have a favorable December schedule and will fade out of the playoffs by week 17.

2014 Predicted Record: 9-7

Sept. 7 vs. JAC 23-10 (W)

Sept. 15 @ IND 31-23 (W)

Sept. 21 vs. WAS 27-17 (W)

Sept. 28 @ SF 27-23 (L)

Oct. 5 vs. STL 37-24 (W)

Oct. 12 vs. NYG 31-20 (W)

Oct. 26 @ ARI 24-21 (L)

Nov. 2 @ HOU 29-23 (W)

Nov. 10 vs. CAR 28-27 (L)

Nov. 16 @ GB 35-28 (L)

Nov. 23 vs. TEN 26-20 (W)

Nov. 27 @ DAL 37-33 (L)

Dec. 7 vs. SEA 30-17 (L)

Dec. 14 vs. DAL 27-17 (W)

Dec. 20 @ WAS 23-21 (W)

Dec. 28 @ NYG 23-17 (L)


3)  New York Giants – 2013 Record: 7-9      elinew

The New York Giants haven’t played a playoff football game since their Super Bowl win in 2011 and unless Eli Manning can turn back the clock, the playoff drought should continue for the Giants.  Even with the defensive help added in free agency and the first round selection of LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants just don’t have the firepower to compete with the elite Dallas and Philadelphia offenses.  Eli Manning certainly has something to prove this season, and Victor Cruz will look to get back into the elite wide receiver conversation.

2014 Projected Record: 7-9

Sept. 8 @ DET 33-24 (L)

Sept. 14 vs. ARI 17-10 (L)

Sept. 21 vs. HOU 26-20 (W)

Sept. 25 @ WAS 28-23 (W)

Oct. 5 vs. ATL 34-28 (L)

Oct. 12 @ PHI 31-20 (L)

Oct. 19 @ DAL 27-17 (L)

Nov. 3 vs. IND 23-17 (L)

Nov. 9 @ SEA 27-6 (L)

Nov. 16 vs. SF 26-13 (L)

Nov. 23 vs. DAL 33-31 (W)

Nov. 30 @ JAC 21-14 (W)

Dec. 7 @ TEN 24-18 (W)

Dec. 14 vs. WAS 27-24 (L)

Dec. 21 @ STL 21-13 (W)

Dec. 28 vs. PHI 23-17 (W)


4)   Washington Redskins – 2013 Record: 3-13    jordanreed2

The Washington Redskins endured a disastrous season in which they parted ways with their head coach and saw their second year investment, RGIII, struggle mightily.  The Redskins have a new coach, Jay Gruden, and a whole new mentality that comes with his presence and Mike Shanahan’s absence, which should help right the 3-13 ship that was last season.   The ‘Skins added dynamic downfield threat DeSean Jackson to help RGIII and Alfred Morris balance the offense.  With Jordan Reed, RGIII, Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson, and Pierre Garcon this offense is headed in the right direction, but still a couple steps behind those surrounding them in the division.  The Redskins should see vast improvement from last season.

2014 Predicted Record: 5-11

Sept. 7 @ HOU 23-16 (L)

Sept. 14 vs. JAC 24-13 (W)

Sept. 21 @ PHI 27-17 (L)

Sept. 25 vs. NYG 28-23 (L)

Oct. 6 vs. SEA 33-10 (L)

Oct. 12 @ ARI 27-23 (L)

Oct. 19 vs. TEN 17-13 (W)

Oct. 27 @ DAL 35-24 (L)

Nov. 2 @ MIN 28-20 (W)

Nov. 16 vs. TB 31-17 (L)

Nov. 23 @ SF 23-14 (L)

Nov. 30 @ IND 26-18 (L)

Dec. 7 vs. STL 23-17 (W)

Dec. 14 @ NYG 27-24 (W)

Dec. 20 vs. PHI 23-21 (L)

Dec. 28 vs. DAL 24-21 (L)



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