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Most Intriguing Non-Divisional Game for Each Team

John Manuel

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Seattle on December 7th

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

For the Eagles there are a lot of games to choose from since they have the 1st place schedule and the East plays the West this season.  I chose this one obviously because the champs will be coming to Philly in a December matchup.  Since it’s a late season matchup maybe it will be less intriguing if one of these two struggle like Washington or Atlanta did last year, but I doubt it.

The game will pit the Chip Kelly offense versus the Seattle defense which should be the ultimate challenge of which is more important, a strong offense or defense.  Unfortunately we won’t get DeSean Jackson versus Richard Sherman in this game now although we will when the Redskins play Seattle.  I kind of wish they match these two up in September or October so we could quickly see if Nick Foles can continue to do what he did last season.


New York Giants At Detroit on September 8th

This didn’t take long for me to decide.  The Giants start off with both the Lions on the road and then the Cardinals.  All three teams would like to get off to a quick start so a win for the Giants in Detroit would be huge.  The Lions think they can take the next step this season and the Giants have to think they can return to the top of the NFC East.  Eli Manning will need to get off to a quick start also or the questions of his downfall could begin in New York.  And the Lions defense should give Manning plenty of opportunities to put up some points.

Also since both of these teams could be in the wildcard mix a conference win could loom large in the end.


Dallas Cowboys Vs New Orleans September 28th

I think this will be a huge game for the Cowboys on many levels.  The Cowboys start with the Niners and then the Titans and Rams on the road.  So 1-2 is a strong possibility if the Cowboys cannot get their defense right.  And with New Orleans coming in for a Sunday night game the defense will once again be tested.  Especially after what happened last time these two played on Sunday night.  Even though 1-3 shouldn’t put you in the ground in the NFC East, it is a hole you don’t want to have to dig out of.

Dallas will have to be better on defense to challenge to make the playoffs and this week will be a great test.  Romo and crew should move the ball versus the Saints but can they keep up with them?  Maybe we should see a similar game like the Cowboys and Broncos tilt of last season.  I don’t think the Cowboys have a favorable schedule start with the Niners and Saints at home and the Rams and Titans on the road.


Washington Redskins At Houston September 7th     grudenandjackson

Like the Giants, I think the week one matchup is huge for a team like the Redskins to see if they are more like the 2013 or 2012 team.  The Texans will have a new coach and quarterback but then again the Skins will bring a new head coach in and a quarterback with many questions.  The Redskins will need to jump on a team like the Texans who finished last season dreadfully just like the Redskins did.  Washington has many questions coming into the season and a bad start could stream roll into another disaster of a season.

Houston has JJ Watt and now Clowney, but Robert Griffin should be able to still get his groove back against a team like Houston.  Everyone will be watching to see if he can regain the Rookie of the Year form and how he does with new coach Jay Gruden.  A win for Washington could mean a quick 2-0 start and a meeting week three in Philly, but a loss and it could be another 2013 on the way.



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