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NFL Top 100 Poll – NFC East Players Review

The NFL Networks Top 100 voted by the NFL players is wrapping up this week and the NFC East has a mixed result which is rather bottom of the list heavy. If you were hoping to see guys near the top of the list unfortunately there are only two who reached that level. And if you though the teams of the NFC East lacked defense it shows in the players poll as only one defender made the top 100.

LeSean McCoy will make the top 10 when it is announced and I expect him to be in the 7-10 range in the end. A high mark for Shady and deserved based on what he does for the Eagles and the consistent threat he has become and arguably one of the top three backs in the game. The only other guy to make the top 50 was Dez Bryant who came in at number 25. At first I thought maybe a little too high for what I see as an inconsistent performer like Bryant who has shown at times to be as good as anyone other than Megatron. But he ranks below guys like Andre Johnson and Antonio Brown which I thought was wrong so 25 is OK to me.

After our two stars of the division we had a huge drop off into the 60s where three guys made the list:

60. Trent Williams
63. Desean Jackson
67. Jason Peters

Williams I think should have been higher on this list and I think premium left tackles didn’t get a fair shake from the players. Williams has become one of the best in the league at a premier position. Peters has an argument also here although injuries may have affected his ranking also. As for Jackson, I think he may be a little high even though he is coming off his best season. And I only say that because I think the other Redskin wideout in the top 100 should be higher in this poll than him. Maybe it is more of a slighting on Garcon than Jackson being over-ranked.

70. Nick Foles
71. Tony Romo
72. Antrel Rolle
78. Tyron Smith

Now we get to out two quarterbacks. Nick Foles had a monster 2013 and it was respected by the players by him coming in at 70. His numbers last season maybe should have put him higher but I still think everyone is waiting to see what happens this season. If he does it again, he will skyrocket up this list in 2015. Tony Romo comes in one spot behind and I think it is where he should be. Aside from all the high pressure situation jokes, he is a quarterback who should make this list. Next spot is the NFC East’s best defensive player according to the players. I don’t think the best defensive player in the division in Antrel Rolle so this one baffles me. I would put a guy like Fletcher Cox easily over Rolle. Tyron Smith is a victim like Trent Williams of the tackles getting no love, and he should be a little higher.

80. Pierre Garcon
87. Demarco Murray
88. Evan Mathis

As I said earlier, Garcon should be higher than Jackson. Maybe Garcon got hurt because last season he didn’t make the explosive plays he did in 2012 but either way maybe both him and Jackson should have been in the 70s. Not a huge fan of Murray because you can’t trust him to make it through the season and shocked he made the list and Alfred Morris did not. Evan Mathis should be on this list and maybe should be higher than 88 but I think like tackles, interior offensive lineman don’t play a glory position so they are going to be lost when it comes to the players votes.

98. Jason Witten

Witten is still the best tight end in the division and deserving of making this list again. His consistency throughout the years has to put him in Hall of Fame consideration after whenever he decides to call it a career. But it still looks like he has plenty left in the tank.

Other notes:
The other two quarterbacks in the division fell out of the rankings from last year and both deserved to be out of the top 100. Both Manning and Griffin have a lot to prove after miserable seasons and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back in 2015

Is it bad that only one defensive player made the list? Yes. But did you see these defenses last season or even the seasons before so it isn’t surprising. I think Cox will be there next season and guys like Orakpo, Kerrigan, Pierre-Paul as well as others should use this as a wakeup call.

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