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What Kind of Season Can Redskins Fans Expect From RG3 This Year?

Steve Shoup

By: Justin Partlow

Once known as the hottest QB in the game, and one who was going to revolutionize the QB position, Robert Griffin III had the infamous knee injury that cost him the end of the 2012 playoffs, and hampered him from the get go in 2013. While RG3 was “healthy” and ready to play from game one, it was easily obvious he still was nervous about playing on the knee as well as his mechanics were compromised from the get go. It wasn’t until the end of the season we saw those glimpses of what he was in 2012, but also you could still tell that not having the offseason really hampered his development. With the hiring of Jay Gruden at HC the question then became just how much RG3 could put up in the offense that led Andy Dalton to high end seasons. With his health fully there and having an offense that can showcase his legs as well as his ridiculous arm talent, look for RG3 to have one big bounce back year in 2014.

The biggest reason why RG3 will have a bounce back year is due to his ability to be healthy and have a full offseason to tweak his mechanics and work on the small things. By sitting out and having to rehab after the knee surgery, the small things that RG3 got away with during the year weren’t going to be able to get by and that led to a lot of the mechanical flaws and errors we saw from Griffin. With now being healthy and having the knee there fully trusted, Griffin has been able to focus directly on the mechanics with both QB guru Terry Shea as well as Gruden and OC Sean McVay. With his ability to focus on the small details he couldn’t before you can expect to see a more mechanically sound player in the 2014 season.

The other thing that will help RG3 and was a main reason why he was hired, is the offense that Jay Gruden runs. The offense will allow more freedom from RG3 to make calls at the line, but also will allow for more matchups and will be a more “NFL” based offense compared to what we saw from Kyle Shanahan the previous two seasons. Having Andy Dalton at QB isn’t a bad thing as he’s a good QB, but having someone the caliber of RG3 will allow an already creative offensive mind in Gruden have more freedom and creativity to use the full playbook from the get go. Gruden is also a former QB and having that as a HC is going to allow for Griffin to get coaching from different perspectives and be able to understand what is going even if he can’t directly understand why certain things happened. The hiring of Gruden was critiqued at times because of how people viewed him as not that good of an OC, but what he did with the Cincy offense over the years can’t be understated and was a major reason why he was hired. Look for Griffin to get close to the numbers Dalton was able to put up the past few years under Gruden and solidify that he can be one of the elite QB’s in the NFL very soon.

What can Redskins Fans expect from RGIII this year?

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