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NFC East Quarterback Questions

John Manuel


Who had the best season in 2013?

Nick Foles at Eagles Training Camp.

Nick Foles at Eagles Training Camp.

Easily it was Nick Foles as he took his team to a division title and found himself as a Pro Bowler.  His stats were the best in the division as only Tony Romo came close to them. Out of all the questions you can ask when it comes to the QB’s this one is easiest.


Can Foles repeat his 2013 success?

I can’t see him having another season where he has 27 to 2 TD’s to interceptions.  Can the rest of the league pick up on the Kelly offense which has lost DeSean Jackson?  Just a year ago Robert Griffin was coming off the same type of season as Foles and the defenses picked up on the Redskins and RG3 had a huge drop off.  This could be a Kelly question more than a Foles.


Can Robert Griffin III bounce back to rookie form?

He better if you are a Skins fan.  The knee brace is expected to be gone so Griffin should feel some more ability to get back to pre-Ngata hit form.  Last season was full of excuses and this one will be the total opposite as Washington brought in help on the offensive side.  There is no doubting that Griffin will work hard to get back to being a star in the game but will it work with him and Jay Gruden better than it did with the Shanahans?


Should there be concerns with Tony Romo’s back?

I think there should be more than what the Cowboys are leading onto.  The non-contact injury play just didn’t look good and now Romo is coming off a major injury.  Romo isn’t young either and these types of injuries seem to pay a toll through a long 16 game schedule.  I think Dallas has to be concerned otherwise they wouldn’t have picked up Brandon Weeded and are now trying to convince Kyle Orton to not retire.


Is Eli Manning starting to decline?    elinew

Griffin gets a lot of criticism but Manning was just as bad in 2013 if not worse.  Now at 33 could Manning be slipping unlike his brother?  I wouldn’t count him out yet because we have seen this story with the Manning and Coughlin Giants a few times now.  But it would be huge for Manning to get going early in 2014.  It would help if Victor Cruz would stop worry about dancing and get going again also as he was bad down the stretch run.


Could any of the QB’s contend for MVP?

Crazy to say but they all could.  All four have shown the potential at points of their career to be at the top of leagues quarterbacks.  Foles and Griffin have only done it in one season each but it was there.  We shouldn’t penalize them for just going into season three.  Romo puts up the numbers but would need to get over his big game struggles.  Manning, who usually shows up for big games, would need to put up Romo-like numbers to be a MVP contender again.


Who would you take as a Fantasy QB first?

I would still go Griffin if I had the choice.  Risky but he struggled last season and still put up decent fantasy numbers at times.  I expect him to once again be more of a run factor, maybe not as much as 2012 but it should pick up.  Foles and Romo are pretty solid locks to put up solid points through the air but I think Griffin with the addition of Desean in the end becomes a solid fantasy QB.


Any chance one of the starters loses his job?

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

I don’t think so.  Although Griffin already did at the end of last season.  But I think the Redskins and Jay Gruden would not make any kind of drastic move with a healthy RG3.  Foles has Sanchez now behind him but I think his play would have to do a 180 for that move to happen.  Romo seems locked in and only an injury could change things.  Manning we talked about getting back to form was a must but I think he and Coughlin are set together and Ryan Nassib is not the answer in 2014.


Who is under the most pressure?

I say it’s a 4 way tie.  Romo until he performs in a big game will always be questioned.  Griffin gets killed all the time for his mistakes and attitude now.  And Manning plays in New York and Foles in Philly.  Foles may have it the easiest because of what he did last season but those fans can turn in seconds.  None of these guys are in a situation like Indy where “Golden Boy” Andrew Luck can do no wrong.



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