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NFC East Head Coach Rankings

John Manuel


Tom Coughlin- New York Giants      tom-coughlin

Although the Giants have missed the playoffs the past two seasons I still have to put Coughlin up top when it comes to coaching.  Two Super Bowl wins and a career that has seen him in the playoff mix nearly every season.  Once again going into this season Coughlin could be finding himself on a so-called “warm” seat if the Giants fail to miss the playoffs again.  But we have seen this situation in the past and Coughlin’s teams have responded.

This should be an interesting year for him as a coach.  Now with a new offensive coordinator, working with Eli to bounce back and a major roster overhaul.  A lot of people want to jump on the guy I will have second but I still go with Coughlin as the top guy in the NFC East.


Chip Kelly- Philadelphia Eagles

Kelly has one year under his belt and has one division title.  Not many expected a division title in year one but Kelly’s team took a rather weak division.  Weak as it may be they still won 10 games and went down to Dallas to secure the division in the end.  Will Kelly be able to keep it rolling in Philly is the million dollar question.  I don’t see Kelly’s offense as some sort of gimmick so it should continue to be near the top of the league.  But like Kelly, his QB Nick Foles only has one true NFL year under his belt so Kelly’s success may roll with him in year two.  But then again Vick was very good early also so Kelly may have a Mike Shanahan running back system with QB’s.  Philly fans just need to hope that it doesn’t turn into a Steve Spurrier QB situation in DC.

I have to add that Kelly and the Eagles did make the most controversial player move of the offseason by releasing Desean Jackson in his prime.  A huge move in such an early stage of a coach’s career to take a chance like that.  Could this be a huge blow to Kelly’s rep or the move that brings the Eagles team together and over the top again in the division?


Jason Garrett- Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett is a true survivor in Dallas.  Each season you think he is going to be gone but he comes back.  Maybe Jerry Jones likes having the power over Garrett and keeps chugging along with 8-8 seasons that were hyped in September.  What I find crazy in Dallas is what they have done with Garrett in Dallas the past two seasons by keeping him as coach yet stripping him of his play calling duties.  I think he struggles at the part of being head coach but was solid at running his offense.  Now you got something like the 7th chef in the kitchen with Scott Linehan in Dallas.  Will this work?  Who knows?

Dallas didn’t do Garrett much favors on the defensive side of the ball letting Rob Ryan go, hiring Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli yet keeping them after the debacle that was the Dallas 2013 defense.  Could this be the year that Garrett is gone and Jerry takes over on the sidelines?  We can only pray for that.


Jay Gruden- Washington Redskins    jaygruden

I got him last because we have no clue.  If we had an Arena coaching list, he is tops for sure.  But we just don’t know what Gruden will bring as a head coach.  His brother was a success and would still be able to grab a job in a moment if he wanted. But then again it seemed like many in Cincinnati were not crushed when Gruden left town for Washington.  The Redskins obviously wanted Gruden because they interviewed like 60 guys and once Gruden became available he was hired right the next day.

I have some concerns about Gruden and that is why I favored the other Cincy coordinator Mike Zimmer to be hired over him. But that didn’t happen so be it.  And Gruden keeping the defensive staff was really puzzling after what they have showed the past four seasons.  It concerns me that he could end up being a Yes man to Snyder and Allen much like why Garrett is slightly above him.  The Redskins made plenty of moves the past 3 months to help kick start Gruden’s coaching career so he really can’t have excuses.

Then again the last two paragraphs are probably useless if he can’t get Robert Griffin III going back to rookie form.



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