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Team Grades (NFC East) for Fantasy Players

Steve Shoup

By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:

Leading into the season I have decided to grade teams in terms of their fantasy weapons. Note that the grade does not reflect how good I think the team is but how good their players are relating to fantasy. I expect this to be a fun little project before we start the grind that is the NFL season. So here we go!

Dallas Cowboys:  A-

Key Fantasy Players:    tonyromo

  • Dez Bryant: Bryant absolutely busted out last year. He was in the top five at his position in terms of Fantasy points. I have my doubts about his character issues but he will more than likely have a great year.
  • Tony Romo: If you can catch Romo on the right week he is a top 5 QB. Catch him on another week and you’re more than likely to see Romo’s balls going into the open hands of an opposing defensive back. The Cowboys might be America’s Team, but with Romo the Cowboys become America’s Team plus the most inconsistent QB in the league.
  • Jason Witten: All Witten needed last year was a few more touchdowns to be the top fantasy tight end in the league. This year he should do just as well. He always gets his touches.
  • Miles Austin: What happened to Austin? I can remember a time when he was going in the second and third rounds. Now he dropping far into the fantasy draft abyss. I hope to see Austin rebound this season. He has to stay healthy.
  • Demarco Murray: The Cowboys have long moved on from Felix Jones and are committed to Murray. Murray just needs to stay healthy and can be one of the better backs in the league, and in fantasy.
  • Defense: The Cowboys are weak in a few spots but have some bright stars at others; making them a sleeper for this season. Demarcus Ware is going to wear down offenses and get his sacks. The cornerback position is improving with Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. Justin Durant and Sean Lee are two solid guys in the middle. Jay Ratliff could be great if he can adjust to the new formation.

hakeemnicksNew York Giants:  B

Key Fantasy Players:

  • Victor Cruz: I have always loved Cruz. Once he gets comfortable again, expect him to Salsa dance his way into the end zone. Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying a different kind of salsa on my couch.
  • Hakeem Hicks: Hicks has had major issues staying healthy. If he can be healthy he is a top 15 receiver and is the perfect pair with Cruz.
  • Eli Manning: Manning has been getting picked a lot as a backup this year. He’s a lot like Romo is the aspect that he’s very inconsistent. Last year he was all over the place. We’ll see soon what Manning we’re going to get this season.
  • Brandon Myers: Myers is a bit of a sleeper at the tight end position this year. He had a great season a year ago as a Raider. Now he is paired with a much better QB in Eli Manning. His numbers will climb.
  • David Wilson: Wilson was a slight disappointment last year. This season he is handed the keys to the offense and the Giants are hoping he can drive them to the Super Bowl.
  • Andre Brown: Brown was a TD thief last season. He played second fiddle but was used in almost every red zone situation. If he gets that opportunity again he is a nice sleeper pick.

Philadelphia Eagles:  C+

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Key Fantasy Players:

  • Michael Vick: I think at this point Vick will be the starter. It’s yet to be seen if he can hold up and do better than last year. Vick had his regular short season, but it was a BAD season. I have high hopes for him in Chip Kelly’s new offense.
  • Desean Jackson: It’s the same sad story with Jackson. A player so full of talent but letting his self get in his own way. This year is going to be even worse for Jackson. Opposite of him is Jason Avant and I can tell you now nobody is going to be worried about Jason Avant burning them for a touchdown.
  • Brent Celek: Celek is a bit of a sleeper. He can do real damage to defenses but hasn’t done so on a consistent basis thus far in his career.
  • Lesean McCoy: McCoy struggled mightily last season. Now he is looking for a fresh start under a new head coach. He has the talent and should bounce back quick.
  • Bryce Brown: Brown came out of absolutely nowhere and put up huge points during the time McCoy was out with an injury last year. He might not get a lot of carries this season but could shine in limited time at runningback.

Washington Redskins:  B+

rg3_smallKey Fantasy Players:

  •  Robert Griffin lll: Griffin is about to bounce back faster from an ACL tear than anyone in the history of time. When Griffin gets back he will do great in the time he plays. How much he will play could turn into an issue with his hardnosed style of play.
  • Alfred Morris: Head coach Mike Shanahan is a master with the running game. He turns trash into treasure. Not to say Alfred Morris is trash but he is far from one of the most talented backs in the game. But he played like one last year. I doubt he will repeat such a dominate performance.
  • Fred Davis: Now that Davis is back the Redskins have a true threat at tight end. Davis can really stretch defenses out and score a solid amount of fantasy points.
  • Pierre Garcon: The Redskins offense suffers without Garcon. Garcon is the best receiver on this team and if he can stay healthy can be a prime target for Griffin.


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