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McNabb Talks RG3

Steve Shoup

By Guest Writer Brian Sprowl:


Donovan McNabb spent one forgettable season with the Washington Redskins. So as a former Redskins quarterback, he knows something about what it takes to make it in D.C., or what can get you ran out of D.C. Now, as a retiree, McNabb decided to give RG3 some veteran advice about how he should handle his return to the field. Being that RG3 is still recovering from a knee injury; he feels that RG3 should slow down and focus on the task at hand.    rg3_small

In an interview with the Washington Post, McNabb said that RG3 has “too much” going on off the field in his life right now. Adding on to this, he said that everything that RG3 is doing might eventually turn into “a circus, a sideshow.”

One of the many things that McNabb directly addressed was RG3 holding press conferences at OTA’s. McNabb felt that the press conferences take away from the team and put more focus on RG3 instead of the entire team.

While McNabb might feel that some of the things that RG3 is doing might be for self instead of team, it is hard to argue that RG3 isn’t about the team. After all, he did go out in a playoff game with a bum knee and play until his leg literally gave out. If that doesn’t spell team player, than nothing does.

McNabb’s heart is in the right place, and it seems as if he wants nothing but the best for the young phenom, but his comments seem a little out of anger towards the second year player not embracing McNabb as a mentor; as McNabb reached out to RG3 during his rookie season, but never got a response.

McNabb does bring up a lot of valuable points, some of which RG3 should consider, and a father/son meeting between McNabb and his father and RG3 and his father wouldn’t be a bad idea, but the timing of it all just seems a little suspect.



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