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My Thoughts on the new Jets GM and OC

The Jets swung and missed on many general manager candidates but Friday they finally got their guy. They hired former Seattle Seahawks vice president of football administration John Idzik as their new general manager. About an hour later, they named former Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. I loved the Idzik hire, and am currently warming up to the Mornhinweg hire.

Idzik is a salary-cap management guy who also has a strength in contract negotiations. The Jets really need a guy like that because they have a lot of high contracts on their roster (Sanchez, Revis, and Holmes to name a few) and not a lot of room to work with to bring in new talent. However, he does not have a lot of scouting experience so hopefully assistant general manager Scott Cohen sticks with the team. My guess is Rex Ryan will also have say in personnel decisions, but he should just stick to defense. I like everything I have read about Idzik. He is very smart and knows the business side of the sport. I hope they made the right hire and make a lot of moves quickly once the season is over.

I hated the Mornhinweg hire at first. My friend who is a Lions fan laughed at me (he was their former head coach), as well as all my friends from school who were Eagles fans. The more reading I did, the more I got excited though. He runs the west coast offense which will finally get away from the “ground and pound” which did not work. We have the O-Line for pass protection (though an upgrade at left guard and right tackle would help). I think we have the receivers that can thrive in his system. He likes big receivers, rookie Stephen Hill is a big weapon and if he can hold onto the football and stay healthy, he will be big in our offense. Santonio Holmes should like the offense as well. Hopefully Jeremy Kerley fits in it becuase he was the Jets best offensive player last year. I also hope the Jets bring back Braylon Edwards.

They will need to bring in a running back who can catch out of the backfield. This means Shonn Greene, although he was solid the past 2 years, is gone. My guess is they draft another running back to go along with Bilal Powell who should many good signs last year and Joe McKnight. Hopefully they bring back “catch first” tight end Dustin Keller as well who is a free agent.

One major problem I have not even mentioned yet, the quarterback. Mark Sanchez has too big of a contact to move. Hopefully Idzik can restructure his deal. I have heard rumors that they may try and trade for Matt Flynn on the Seahawks since he lost the job to Russell Wilson. I would welcome that move in a heart beat. It will be a very busy off season for the Jets…



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