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My Thoughts on the Jets Benching Mark Sanchez

“It is about time”. “Good Riddance”. These are just a few of the popular phrases that Jets fans have been saying today after the news broke that the Jets will bench quarterback Mark Sanchez for 2nd year quarterback Greg McElroy (and over Tim Tebow).

I must admit, when I first heard the news I have very happy. I could not stand Mark Sanchez the past 2 years. He has just been awful and letting their great defense down. I understand this year he did not have the supporting cast on offense, but that is no excuse for how poorly he played. He had way too many turnovers, especially in the red zone and when the game was close. Not to mention his “butt fumble” Thanksgiving night against the Patriots. He mentally is just not tough enough and the Jets adding Tim Tebow completely ruined him and wasted a year for Tim Tebow. The Jets should play Tebow as well as McElroy the final 2 games of the season to try and increase Tebows draft stock. If they can get a 5th round pick I will be happy but I think realistically they will get a 6th rounder. Remember, they gave up a 3rd and 4th round pick essentially for 6-8 completions for 39 yards and 32 rushes for 102 yards. That is not anything too special.

The Jets are throwing a ridiculous amount of money at Mark Sanchez to be at the bottom of almost every statistical category for quarterbacks. They might as well see what they can get from Greg McElroy and if they like him, have him compete next preseason for the starting job. I know it was the preseason but two preseason ago I was very impressed with what I saw. I can see the Jets drafting a quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd round but I think they should draft a different need to add youth to the team and just have a competition of Sanchez and McElroy next year. Assuming most their consistent receivers are back next year and healthy, they should have good enough targets to throw to next year. They already have the offensive line (minus a right tackle) and the running backs.

It will be annoying because most Jets fans are tired of being made fun of because this team really has become the laughing stock of the league which is a huge fall from their first two years of the Rex Ryan era when they went to the AFC Championship Game twice in a row. They are already going to get media backlash for not starting Tebow, once that is over with, all they have to worry about is getting rid of Mark Sanchez. It is just unfortunate that contract is too hard to move or just get rid of.

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