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Why The Jets need to rebuild and Start From Scratch

The first two years of the Rex Ryan Era were awesome for Jets fans. They had a season of HBO’s Hard Knocks and two great playoff runs with to the AFC Championship. It was awesome getting all the media coverage with Rex and their players like Bart Scott and Antonio Cromartie joking around and talking trash with the media.

But all good things sadly, must come to an end.

The talking kept coming and the players…and coaches stopped performing.

As a Jets fan, this is going to hurt to say, but they need to clear house and start over.

As much as I love Rex Ryan, he has to go. They should bring in a new coach with a different philosophy. Which means get rid of the players who fit his coaching style, and talking habits as well. As much as I like his drafting ability at times, General Manager Mike Tannenbaum should go as well. He has made some poor trades and free agent signings.

The Jets have been one of the biggest jokes the past two seasons not living up to expectations and being in the media for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, they have some great young pieces in Muhammad Wilkerson and Quintin Coples on defense to go with solid veterans in Revis, David Harris, Mike Devito, Sione Pouha, and Calvin Pace. They even have some promising young talent at receiver with Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill.

But that is not enough. The running back position is good enough with Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight, but not good enough for their current ground and pound plan. If they get a new Quarterback (yes, they Jets should get rid of Mark Sanchez AND Tim Tebow) then they are fine at running back.

If they get a new quarterback then I think Santonio Holmes is worth keeping but if they go with what they have next year then they should just cut their losses with him.

Antonio Cromartie and Bart Scott…See Ya. You played great at times, but you guys were not nearly consistent enough and brought more negative media attention then positive. As much as I think Kyle Wilson was an awful first round pick a few years ago, I am cutting him a break this year because he moved up to the number 2 corner when Revis went down.

Dustin Keller has potential to be a great tight end, but they need to finally bring in a solid second tight end.

The Jets number one draft need next their though? Right Tackle. They are more than fine at left tackle (Fergusan), center (Mangold), and right guard (Moore). Matt Slausen at left guard is a bit of a question mark. They also need to bring in a younger safety as well.

As much as it hurts to say, I hope the Jets lose out and get the best pick possible because they need all the top picks they can, and they will be making many, many releases, trades, and free agent signings. Time for a few more rebuilding years, which is what Jets fans are pretty used to.

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