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Potential Picks for Patriots in NFL Draft

By Guest Writer Vikram Sardana:

Here are some potential picks, both early and late that may be a good fit for the New England Patriots and my scouting reports for each.

Cordarelle Patterson


Height: 6’2”

Weight: 216

Arm Length: 32”

Hand: 9”

40 time: 4.42


Good speed getting away from defenders.

One of the top receivers at Tennessee.

Skilled kick returner, setting SEC record.

Good hands, can make difficult catches.


Does not have greatest adjustment ability.

May not be mentally prepared for NFL.

Does not always use hands to get out of jams with defenders.

Does not have great jump ability.


One of the top receivers in the draft, but concerns about his readiness for the NFL may push him down on the draft pick. Possibly a good fit for teams with some depth at Wide Receiver already to give him time to acclimate. He’ll perform best on a team with a quarterback with a strong arm that can air the ball downfield, letting Patterson get separation from defenders.


Cornellius Carradine


Height: 6’4”

Weight: 276

Arm Length: 35”

Hand: 10 1/4”


Good lateral movement.

Strong work with hands.

Plays smart.


Lack of experience.



Carradine might be good for a team with its starters intact but in need of quality backups. It remains to be seen whether he can make it at the NFL level. There is very little data on him for scouts, such as the lack of a 40 yard dash time, which may hurt his draft stock.


Shawne Williams


Height: 6’

Weight: 213

40: 4.42


Good height to cover receivers.

Skilled at run coverage.


Not the greatest in coverage.


May become a decent starter one day, but it will take work. Good for a team that doesn’t need immediate defensive help, but needs backups.


Jared Smith


Height: 6’4”

Weight: 302

Arm Length: 33 1/2”

Hand: 10 12”

40: 5.06


Good speed and agility.

Skilled tackler.


Not much known about him.


A good player with a good story, but with a lack of knowledge about him, he’s likely to be picked in the late rounds, if at all. Good fit for a team that has defensive linemen but needs someone to step in if someone goes down.


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