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College Football Week 5 Power Rankings

Steve Shoup

By Staff Writer Tyler Fenwick:


Where was the big, primetime game? We didn’t have one, unfortunately. On a second note, my Wolverines were nearly embarrassed for the second week in a row, this time on the road at Connecticut.

God bless a bye week.


Rank. Team W-L (Previous Ranking) 

1. Oregon 3-0 (1) 

Nobody had to feel the wrath of the Oregon offense this last week. However, Cal should be worried because the Ducks now have two weeks to prep for that one.


2. Alabama 3-0 (2)     ajmccaron

The score won’t show it, but Alabama actually looked less than human against Colorado State on Saturday. It certainly wasn’t anything drastic, but it might be something to keep your eye on in the coming weeks. Maybe.


3. Ohio State 4-0 (3)

Kenny Guiton is a spawn of the football God—assuming there is, in fact, a football God. The Buckeyes put up a tremendous 76 points on Florida A&M as Guiton threw for SIX TD’s in the first half.


4. Stanford 3-0 (4)

I heard someone say Stanford looked like the “baby Bama” against Arizona State. They’re a hard-running team, definitely, but I’m not completely sold on the defense.


5. Clemson 3-0 (5) 

Clemson played Friday night against NC State and didn’t deliver to its full potential. Tajh Boyd wasn’t anything special, but the Tigers continue to march.


6. LSU 4-0 (6) 

LSU was supposed to have a big game against Auburn, who actually didn’t look all that bad. However, LSU was just way too good for Auburn and continued to leave the critics speechless.


7. Florida State 3-0 (7) 

I’m not sure who Bethune-Cook is. But Florida State gave them a good ‘ole fatherly spanking.


8. Louisville 4-0 (8) 

Lousiville beat a winless Florida International team 72-0. I don’t even know how to access something like that. Nice job?


9. Texas A&M 3-1 (9) 

Johnny Manziel this, Johnny Manziel that. Mr. Football accounted for three TD’s against SMU over the weekend, and the Aggies easily bounced back from that home loss to the Tide.


10. Georgia 2-1 (10)           aaronmurray

Aaron Murray threw for 400 yards Saturday, leaving the North Texas secondary look like something Greg Robinson coughed up in the bathroom this morning.


11. Oklahoma State 3-0 (11) 

Oklahoma State did not play this last week.


12. Oklahoma 3-0 (12) 

What a coincidence! Neither did Oklahoma. Illuminati?


13. Miami 3-0 (14) 

Someone please tell Miami they’re not supposed to be this good. Somehow, they just keep rolling with these W’s. Next up: South Florida.


14. Baylor 3-0 (18) 

I can’t get past how good Baylor’s offense is. I can’t wait to see them play some Big 12 teams and really solidify themselves at the national level.


15. Northwestern 4-0 (16) 

The Wildcats needed two defensive TD’s to slip by Maine over the weekend, but a win is a win and I don’t think they’ll be complaining. Time to buckle up for a tough conference season and possibly take control of the Legends Division.


16. South Carolina 2-1 (13) 

The Gamecocks got a bye this week and will have two weeks to prep for UCF.


17. Washington 3-0 (17) 

Washington absolutely destroyed Idaho State over the weekend and continued to impress on the West Coast. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they fair in the Pac-12.


18. Michigan 4-0 (15) 

I’m not sure how the Wolverines have done it, but they managed to go 2-0 against Akron and Connecticut the last two weeks, coming from behind both times. As I said, God bless a bye week.


19. Ole Miss 3-0 (19) 

Ole Miss got a bye week, giving them an extra week to try to figure how to beat Alabama.


20. UCLA 3-0 (24)     

I continue to be impressed with UCLA. But the highlight of the college football week, in my opinion, was UCLA running their first offensive play with 10 men, honoring their fallen teammate, Nick Pasquale.


21. Notre Dame 3-1 (23)     

Courtesy of ICON SMI

Courtesy of ICON SMI

The Irish got a tough defense to deal with in Michigan State, but they were able to pull out the victory in a low-scoring affair, 17-13.


22. Florida 2-1 (22) 

The big news for Florida is Jeff Driskel going down with a season ending injury against Tennessee, but not all is lost for the Gators. Have some faith in Tyler Murphy.


23. Texas Tech 4-0 (21) 

Beating Texas State probably won’t make the end-of-the-year banner for the Red Raiders, but 4-0 is a nice place to be. There’s no arguing that.


24. Arizona State 2-1 (20) 

The Sun Devils fell to Stanford on Saturday, and the defense displayed many question marks. It clearly isn’t time for the next step for this program.


25. Fresno State 3-0 (25) 

Fresno State just barely got by Boise State this last week and almost fell out of the power rankings. But I’m buying whatever this offense is selling.



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