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Andre Drummond NBA Draft Scouting Report

Steve Shoup

Andre Drummond


Height: 7’0”

Weight: 279

Position: Center

School: UConn

Class: Freshman

Stats: 10 points, 7.6 rebounds, 2.7 blocks


-Very Strong with great height and an NBA Body

-Good leaping ability

-Very good rebounder

-Good shot blocker

-Advanced defensive skills for his age

-Has some range, not just an in the paint guy


Inconsistent on the offensive end

Acts his age at times

-Can get lazy getting back on plays

-Not the hardest worker


In terms of potential Drummond might rival Anthony Davis in this draft class, unfortunately he also probably has the highest chance at being a bust among the top 10-15 names in the draft. Drummond projects as an impact two-way center, which is incredibly tough to find. When he is on, he showcases top notch defensive, rebounding, blocking and shooting (for a big man) ability. The problem is he is just way too inconsistent, and doesn’t have the greatest work ethic or track record. He can get very sloppy at times which gets him in foul trouble early. He’s likely to slide a little bit in the draft, because he doesn’t project to do much early in his career. For at least the first two years (and it very well could be longer), he’s probably just going to be a rotational body out there who can give solid minutes but that’s about it. Given that he will likely fall out of the top 5, though he should go no later than 10.

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