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2012 NBA Mock Draft (Steve): Part 1, 6/25

Steve Shoup

Picks: 1-1516-302nd RoundHoward’s MockNBA Draft BlogNBA Draft Page

1. New Orleans Hornets- Anthony Davis- PF- Kentucky (scouting report)

– Davis is clearly the top prospect in this draft and has the ability to make an instant impact for the Hornets. New Orleans really lucked out with this pick and it should help jump start their rebuild.

2. Charlotte Bobcats- Thomas Robinson-PF- Kansas

– The Bobcats most important thing is to come out of this draft with another impact player. Unfortunately after Davis there is a ton of potential, but a lot of uncertainty. I think its going to come down to Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal. While Kidd-Gilchrist and Beal might have more scoring potential, Robinson might be a better fit as he can work in as both a 3 and a 4, adding athleticism and toughness inside. The Bobcats might look to trade back to add two or three quality prospects over one really good prospect.

3. Washington Wizards- Bradley Beal- SG- Florida (scouting report)

– The Wizards made their intentions with this pick fairly clear with the trade that netted them Okafor and Ariza. Already their SF and PF positions were fairly crowded, and now after the trade it would make zero sense for the Wizards to add a guy at one of those positions. Beal will give the Wizards a quality shooter to team up with John Wall in the back-court.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- SF- Kentucky

– The Cavs will look to add a wing here with this pick and will likely choose between Kidd-Gilchrist, and Harrison Barnes (who they are reportedly very high on). Kidd-Gilchrist is the more talented player and will likely be the pick here. He gives the Cavs an athletic wing and scoring threat..

5. Sacramento Kings- Andre Drummond- C- UCONN

– The Kings would be thrilled to land Drummond here, who can give them immediate size and presence in the middle. Drummond is a classic high risk/high reward player. If the Kings believe in him and he produces then this will be a steal.

6. Portland Trailblazers (From NJ)- Harrison Barnes- SF- UNC (scouting report)

– The Trailblazers could go a number of different directions but I think Barnes’ potential is too good to pass up here. He’s pretty rough around the edges, but the good news is the Trailblazers have some talent that they don’t need to rely on him too much.

7. Golden State Warriors- Perry Jones- PF- Baylor-

– Jones has big time upside and the size and athletic ability the Warriors always seem to covet. He’s a bit of a feast or famine prospect, but I like his chances at the next level.

8. Toronto Raptors- Damian Lillard- PG- Weber State

-The top point guard prospect in the draft (though that isn’t saying much), Lillard has a real chance of cracking the top 10. I don’t know if he’ll ever being an elite point guard, but he should be a quality starter, and even put up good minutes as a rookie.

9. Detroit Pistons- John Henson- PF- UNC

– The Pistons need to add a frontcourt mate for center Greg Monroe and Henson could be the option here. He’s not a great scorer right now, but he’s advanced in a lot of other areas, particularly on defense. His ceiling might not be as high as some prospects, but he’s a safe bet to be a productive NBA player..

10. New Orleans Hornets- Dion Waiters- PG- Syracuse

– The Hornets need to attempt to replace Chris Paul in this draft and while Waiters is a bit of a reach he’s got a real shot of being at least a decent starting PG.

11. Portland Trailblazers- Tyler Zeller- C- UNC

– The Trailblazers missed out on Drummond with their first pick, but still need to address the center position. Zeller might not be exactly what they had in mind, but he’s a solid option. He’ll never be a star, but can be a good starter, who helps more on the defensive end of the ball. Zeller and Barnes having some familiarity with one another is another plus as well.

12. Milwaukee Bucks- Meyers Leonard- C- Illinois

– The Bucks need to find a center and Leonard is the top one on the board. He’s not much of a scorer, but he should give good defensive and rebounding production as a rookie.

13. Phoenix Suns: Kendall Marshall- PG- UNC

– Marshall has some real upside and could be viewed as the longterm replacement for Steve Nash. He’s a pretty unselfish player who knows how to get his scorers the ball.

14. Houston Rockets-Jeremy Lamb- SG- UCONN

– The Rockets are fairly set in the backcourt, but don’t be surprised if they trade some of their current starters for some additional size. Regardless Lamb is the best player on the board, and could be the Rockets pick here.

15. Philadelphia 76ers- Jarred Sullinger- PF- Ohio State

– Sullinger will likely fall given some of the medicals that have come out, but I can’t see him falling too far. He’s a top 10 talent and once you get into the playoff teams that is just gravey for them. Why should Philly care that he might not have more than a 5 year career. if they believe he can be healthy next year he can help them.

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