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2011 NBA Draft Scouting Reports: PG Kyrie Irving

Steve Shoup

Kyrie Irving, PG, Duke-

Measurables: 6’4″ 191 lbs.


  • Best point guard in this class and makes a strong case for top overall prospect
  • He’s a good passer, and uses his scoring ability as a feint to find the open man
  • Top notch shooter, with good 3-point range
  • Very apt as a slasher as well, able to drive to the basket and get points (and force fouls) in the paint
  • Lights out free throw shooter, putting him on the line is basically free points
  • Is a pretty advanced defender and should create a lot of turnovers
  • Good athleticism and speed


  • Played in just 11 college games, and is really tough to get a handle of how advanced he is
  • Can be sloppy with his passes, needs to work on being more efficient
  • his speed and quickness will probably never be up there with the top PG’s in the league, will he be able to guard faster guards
  • He’s got great potential, but probably not as high as some other recent PG’s


There is little doubt that Irving is one of the finest prospects in this class and a day one starter, but I think overall he is slightly over-hyped. When I compare him to recent highly drafted PG’s like John Wall and Derrick Rose, I think he is a notch below them. I just don’t see him becoming the next Chris Paul or Deron Williams, and think his ceiling while high is limited. Irving might never be a top 5 caliber PG, and will probably be more in that 8-12 range. While that is extremely good, it would give me some pause if I were Cleveland with the number 1 overall pick. It is still a great prospect portfolio overall, but one that might not be worthy of the top pick.

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