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2011 NBA Draft Power Forward Rankings:

Steve Shoup

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1. Tristan Thompson, Texas, 6’9″:

Thompson has a ton of upside and I think he is a lock for the top 10 in this class. He has a tremendous wingspan and can really clear the glass with his leaping ability. He can do a little bit of everything, but is at his best when he is attacking the basket. He will need to learn how to play against bigger opponents, and could look to add some strength, but the potential is there. I see him as a cross between Josh Smith and Paul Milsap, and he should be a quality starter early in his career.

2. Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania, 7’0″:

I really like Motiejunas, as he is a very well-rounded offensive player and looks pretty advanced for his age. Too often players dominate in their youth with just one shot or one comfort area (outside of easy layups and dunks), but Motiejunas is capable of scoring in any area with a variety of moves. He’s got great height and is very athletic for his size. He still needs to add some bulk to face off against the top competition at the PF spot, but otherwise he looks pretty good going forward. He seems to be very advanced for his age (he’ll be just 21 next season), and I really like the upside. He reminds be a lot of Pau Gasol, and I could see him developing similar to that career path.

3. Bismark Biyombo, Spain, 6’9″:

Biyombo seems to be flying up draft boards with a projection that he can harness his natural talents. Biyombo his a high flyer with tremendous athletic ability and will be able to out jump just about anyone in the gym. He is a big time rebounder and that should translate from day one for him. Unfortunately he is an extremely raw player and if he is drafted in the lottery can a team really afford him not to come over? That could mean developing him in the NBA which can be a rough thing to do. His projection seems to be very similar to Serge Ibaka and he could end up being even better.

4. Marcus Morris, Kansas, 6’9″:

Marcus is the better of the two Morris twins, with a better offensive game and a bit more athletic ability. He is going to need to bulk up at the next level to stay at the 4, but he projects as a good starter going forward. He’s a smart ball player, who is pretty refined. He should be able to provide good minutes as a rookie and could even claim a starting role, depending on the team. He’s not as good as an outside shooter as him, but Marcus reminds me a lot of Lamar Odom.

5. Kenneth Faried, Morehead State, 6’8″:

Faried often gets overlooked given that he is undersized and has almost no jump shot, but he was simply the most productive player in college basketball on both ends of the court. Sure most of his competition was down, but he still played tremendous regardless of who was playing him. I don’t think anyone has a better motor or plays above the rim better than he does. He needs to develop a 10 footer+ jump shot, to be more well rounded, but otherwise I don’t see anyone really keeping him down. His game reminds me a lot of DeJuan Blair, and I think he will end up being a very good player.

6. Markieff Morris, Kansas, 6’10”:

7. Tobias Harris, Tennessee, 6’8″:

8. Justin Harper, Richmond, 6’9″:

9. JaJuan Johnson, Purdue, 6’10:

10. Jeremy Tyler, USA, 6’11”:

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