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Odds to Win the College Football Playoff

Obvious call – Alabama 12-5

I can’t write this without saying why you can’t go against Nick Saban.  Love him or hate him, Saban has to now have a legit argument as the greatest coach of all time.  Until you don’t see them as one of the final four it is hard to go against the Tide.  Who will be the starter?  Tu’a or Jalen?  Hurts is still there so don’t count him out.  The guy struggled in the first half against Georgia but outside of that all he did was win as a Freshman and Sophomore.  And they have Auburn at home which will help get them back to being the SEC West champs.  That game could once again be a monster.

Safer Bet – Georgia 15-2

They came so close to be the current champs just months ago.  So now they know what it takes to get the game, they just need to finish.  Like any good team they lost some solid studs like Chubb, Michel and Roquan.  But Kirby’s team brings back a potential star in the backfield in Swift but most of all a returning quarterback in Jake Fromm.  Who got better throughout the season.  But will he be the guy all season?  Justin Fields enters Athens as the country’s number one recruit and could challenge.  Plus, the SEC East still has not caught up to the West so getting to Atlanta should be easier.

Longer shot – Wisconsin 30-1

I was thinking Auburn at 25-1 but couldn’t go three SEC teams.  And I like USC also at 40-1 but let’s go with Wisconsin.  Already a top team and in the easier side of the Big Ten the Badgers could finally breakthrough.  Nebraska and Scott Frost could quickly be a big time program but not yet.  They will go to both Penn State and Michigan so the schedule strength is clearly there.

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