Post NFL-Free Agency Frenzy & NFL Draft Thoughts

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1-  Free agency steals the show in mid March but the draft had a major mover this weekend which made huge news. 

The Jets jumped up to the third pick in the first round in a trade with the Colts.  I have found that a lot of questions have been thrown at the Jets side of the trade.  Did they give up too much?  I don’t think so.  I feel it is the going rate to move from six to three.

The other question is the concern of having two teams picking in front of them still.  I don’t have the concern many have here.  I think the Jets have to be considering at least three guys with that pick.  Which would guarantee a quarterback no matter what.  And at six, they could have easily found themselves left out.  Especially with the Bills almost a lock to move up and teams like the Dolphins and Cardinals also looking for QBs.  The Jets had to make this move and the Colts were willing to do it.

2- I think the Giants are very intriguing with the second pick. 

They could easily find a suitor and move back but what if they don’t?  Would they consider a QB even though it seems like Gettleman and Shurmur want to go with Eli Manning for a couple years.  The Giants picking this high may not happen anytime soon.  And Manning’s skills have dropped.

So is it a bad move for the Giants to pass on this opportunity having the second pick.  What if they go 8-8 and Manning continues to have his play slip?  Now they are in the mid first round and is possible no mans land when it comes to finding a QB.  I don’t think it is a spot they want to be in.  A lot may come down to what new coach Pat Shurmur thinks of the 2018 QB crop.  The Browns recent past of passing on QBs will have to be in their heads.

3- I still think the top ten is a quarterback show with teams moving up if they can to secure their future signal caller. 

Last year no one at this time thought teams would make major moves up to get Patrick Mahomes and Desean Watson.  It happened and both teams seem like they got bargains in the end.  Cleveland in the end I think does go QB over Barkley.  You got my thoughts on the Giants taking one or the Bills moving up.  And we know what they Jets are doing.

So that could be Darnold, Rosen and Mayfield or Allen at the top 3.  I think these four all are gone by the top 8 at the latest.  Then comes Lamar Jackson who is all over the place in mocks.  And even though he didn’t have the accuracy of Desean Watson in college I still think a team is going to be all over Jackson by 10-12.  I can’t see a situation when a talent like Jackson slips down the draft.  And finally could Mason Rudolph be a 2018 Patrick Mahomes?  I still feel a team like Jacksonville could move up to secure getting their QB.


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