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As we look to where these big name NFL free agents may end up, where would you predict they go? If you were using sports betting usa, which player & team combo would you bet on most?

1- Kirk Cousins- Vikings

Staying with Minnesota even though the Jets seem to be coming hard with huge money.  The Vikings just check off everything that should suit Cousins.  And Vikings should still have the money to eventually re-sign Barr, Kendricks and Hunter to keep Zimmer happy.

2- Case Keenum- Broncos

I really don’t think Denver wants to go the draft route once again at this moment.  Denver also sits pretty at the 5th spot in the draft and should have plenty of options to pick up a large haul for a draft QB happy team.

3- Allen Robinson- 49ers

Risky coming off injury but still young.  Will probably get the most action of the wideouts and the Niners should be looking to continue to improve the Kyle Shanahan offense.  Money is there and San Fran has solid momentum going into 2018.

4- Sammy Watkins- Panthers

Back to the Carolinas for Sammy.  I think Watkins gets a bad rap because he was so good so early at Clemson.  He has played more games than you think and his numbers for someone at only 24 are pretty solid actually.

5- Malcolm Butler- 49ers

I think the Niners move quick on the other side of the ball also and grabbed Butler.  Unless Belichick calls his friend Kyle again and trashes Butler after the Super Bowl benching mystery.

6- Sam Bradford- Browns

I think is a low risk fit for the Browns who could also draft a QB high.  Maybe they hit jackpot and Bradford plays like he did in his one 2017 start this season.  I think it is a better call than playing more money for AJ McCarron.

7- AJ McCarron- Cardinals

Arizona unlike other teams looking for a QB are in a tough spot.  At the middle of the 1st round it should take a trade up to get QB.  Unfortunately the draft is after free agency.  They have to get someone and McCarron may be the fit.

8- Muhammed Wilkerson- Packers

The Packers rarely sign a big name free agent outside their organization but Ted Thompson has moved out of the GM spot.  But with Pettine now in Green Bay and the need for the Pack on defense it is a fit.  Plus, he has already visited.

9- Dontari Poe- Redskins

They have needed to fill this spot for years.  The run defense is garbage and Poe also stays on the field for most snaps.  Time to move on from signings like McClain, Reyes and McGee.

10- Ryan Grant- Redskins

C’mon I couldn’t forget about Gruden’s favorite son.  Could he let him walk?  No way!

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