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2018 NFL Free Agency: What NFC teams should do

Phildelphia Eagles

Cap strapped but having most of their stars locked up long term so not much.  Talk to Foles and see what he wants.  Maybe he is fine being Wentz’s backup upon return.  Give Foles what he wants…other than Eagles starting QB if Wentz is healthy.

Dallas Cowboys

Work Zach Martin extension.  Do what they can to get Dez to take a pay cut.  Because cutting him may put them in a spot where they cannot find something better.

New York Giants

Maybe coach change and OBJ back make it smart to draft an immediate stud over QB.  Roll with Manning if Shurmer feels he can get them back to 2016 team level.

Washington Redskins

Add more d-line help.  Spend real money on a legit guy there.  Add receiver in free agency and running back in draft unless Bell is available.

Minnesota Vikings

Close on Kirk Cousins.  Add another piece to offensive line.  If they get Cousins they will be tough to beat.

Green Bay Packers

Don’t cut Jordy Nelson.  Extend Rodgers before that could get interesting.

Chicago Bears

Explore heavily on trade for Jarvis Landry.  And also don’t pass on Calvin Ridley also even if they land a top pass catcher.

Detroit Lions

Find a damn running back.  Pay Bell if possible.  Don’t go for older or less talented back in free agency.  Probably too tough to move up for Barkley but consider it.

Atlanta Falcons

Don’t trade Tevin Coleman unless a great deal is out there.  More field work getting team on same page with Sark than going hard in free agency.

New Orleans Saints

Don’t screw around on Brees.  Vikings or Broncos will be calling.  See if they can bring Jimmy Graham back on a friendly deal.

Carolina Panthers

Improve at receiver and get Cam help.   Maybe talk to Redskins about getting Norman back.  Crazy talk I know.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Determine what went wrong with Jameis, Evans and D Jax.  Need to figure out an answer at running back also.

Los Angeles Rams

Tough call on Watkins.  Maybe transition him and see what his value is.  Getting Peters at a decent cost was a good start.

Seattle Seahawks

Could be a tough off season.  Move on from Chancellor and maybe Sherman if value is there off injury.  Got some holes to fill for once.

Arizona Cardinals

Find a quarterback.  May have to spend on a McCarron or give up a ransom to move up in draft.

San Francisco 49ers

Be players on all top free agents.  Look to make move now which is probably a year early.  Wouldn’t yet give up on Carlos Hyde also.



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