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What AFC teams should do in Free Agency

New England Patriots

Most important is to convince Gronk to stay.  But also to find a replacement for Malcolm Butler.  If they want to go veteran check in on if Josh Norman or Richard Sherman are available.

Miami Dolphins

Try and fleece someone on Jarvis Landry after franchising him with trade.  Doesn’t seem like they are completely sold on paying him long term.  Wide receiver market is weak so maybe a team like Bears or Ravens will bite.

NY Jets

If they cannot get Kirk Cousins they have to find an answer at quarterback via the draft.  Find the best fit and if they are sold on anyone do what it takes to get that guy.  The QB mess has gone on too long.

Buffalo Bills

Stick with Tyrod Taylor but like Jets if they fall in love with a QB do what it takes to get them.  Having two first rounders should allow them move up.  Or maybe Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph will be their guy.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Don’t lose Allen Robinson.  But get into Cousins battle full force.  They can’t be patient wondering what this team can do with someone other than Bortles.

Tennessee Titans

Move on from Demarco Murray.  He can still help someone but it is time to see what Derrick Henry does full time.

Indianapolis Colts

Work on building both lines.  Reich saw how that works in Philly.  The real question is Luck’s future and they wait and see.

Houston Texans

Get guys healthy.  Find a replacement for losing Boyue.  That was a huge loss especially to the team in your division you are chasing.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Just figure out a 4 year deal for Bell.  Stop messing around with a guy who is 25.  Then hope they can add two more impact guys in the draft like a season ago.

Baltimore Ravens

I don’t really know.  Need skill position impact players on offense but they may not be there in free agency or their spot in the draft.  They need to look at a move like when they got Boldin or even worked out a trade for TO.  Not sure one of those types are available.

Cincinnati Bengals

Got a couple weeks to decide if McCarron may be the better option than Dalton.  Can easily cut Dalton and franchise or transition AJ.  This should be looked at.

Cleveland Browns

Spend money.  Draft better.  And pray that a real GM like John Dorsey and a real drafter evaluator like Scot McCloughan can bring miracles.

Denver Broncos

Hope Elway can sell Cousins on Denver when teams with more cap space offer ridiculous dollars.  I think this off season is all about Kirk for Denver.

Kansas City Chiefs

Maybe recoup a first rounder for Marcus Peters.  Is he worth the problems after getting Fuller and Amerson.  Hope Eric Berry’s injuries have not paid too much of a toll.

Oakland Raiders

Go hard for Malcolm Butler.  Or find another corner ASAP.  Maybe Conley can make a difference in year two but still need help.  I would also move on from Marshawn but it doesn’t look like they will.

Los Angeles Chargers

Use cap space to add depth.  I think they have some really good players at important spots.  Plus, both Mike Williams and Forrest Lamp returns should help.


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