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2018 NFL Free Agency Questions Part 2

1- What should happen with Le’veon Bell?

Arguably the NFL’s best running back could hit the open market.  If he does we would have to expect that Bell would finally be a back that gets a big deal on the open market.  Only 25 his only concern would be off the field and not in his on-field production.  But for argument sake lets say the Steelers once again use the franchise tag on Bell.  Are his chances on leaving the Steelers over?

I think some of the teams especially at the end of the first round should consider giving up two 1st rounders for Bell.  How about the Patriots?  Bell is better than anyone they will get at 31 and their 2019 pick will most likely be in the same range.  And running the price up on the cap-strapped Steelers if Pittsburgh did match would still be an OK consolation.

2- Last week we discussed Kirk Cousins but there are plenty of quarterbacks who could hit the market when free agency starts. 

Even if we remove Drew Brees off that list.  Minnesota alone has more quality in free agent QB’s than we have seen the past few seasons.  The Vikings could just work something out with Case Keenum before March and end the Cousins speculation.  They still have two other intriuging signal callers in Bradford and Bridgewater.  Both should get deals with teams that give them the potential to start this season.  Minnesota holds a lot of the cards in this QB roulette.

We could also see AJ McCarron enter the mix as a true unrestricted free agent.  Which for some teams could be a game changer.  Cleveland already tried and thought they had McCarron at the deadline.  We know how that all ended.  Is John Dorsey a McCarron guy like the previous Browns’ crew?  I never really saw it with McCarron when he got a chance in Cincy.  Is it worth going big money on McCarron over drafting one of the top prospects?  I think signing McCarron could end up setting a team back in the long run just as bad as drafting a bust.

3- Finally one last thought on another available quarterback.  Johnny Manziel, yes Johnny Football. 

Most have Manziel’s comeback pegged for the CFL but should a NFL team kick the tires?  I think it is worth the idea for a couple teams possibly.  Manziel has changed his life around in the past couple years and maybe that is all not going to payoff in the end but he has changed.  And has worked hard at returning to football.

Manziel is only 25.  And in the right situation a team could benefit and maybe find a steal.  It will be tough for any team to deal with the media circus signing Manziel brings but I see two that could handle it.  Philadelphia and Kansas City.  KC is an easy one since Andy Reid has done this before with Mike Vick.  It could be a bad call since he will have a lot of work to do getting Patrick Mahomes ready for his first season as a starter.  As for Philly, Pederson has done a magnificent job with Carson Wentz quickly.  And with a likely trade of Nick Foles I think the Eagles could be a good landing spot for Manziel.  I think the team could handle and still focus with Manziel around.  Just a couple thoughts.

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