Super Bowl LII Prop Bets to Make

Super Bowl

Here are the bets that I like:

Will there be a score in the final two minutes of the 1st Half?

Yes      -300     (1/3)
No        +240     (12/5)

I like the YES even with the bad odds.  Would have to bet a decent amount to win a solid pull but if the Patriots have the ball in the final two they will get points.

First Touchdown Scorer

Low value I like:   LeGarrette Blount (PHI)              14/1

High value I Like:  Torrey Smith (PHI)                     18/1

Danny Amendola total receptions

Over 4.5 (-145)
Under 4.5 (+115)

He has been rolling lately and 5 catches seems pretty reasonable.

What will be greater?

Tom Brady Number of Completions -140
DeMar DeRozan Total Points vs Memphis Grizzlies EVEN

DeMar is money and it will take a lot of Brady completions to top this mix bet.  I go with DeMar going off.

Corey Clement total receiving yards

Over 13.5 (-115)
Under 13.5 (-115)

I like the over with Clement.  Think he could play a decent role in this game.


Here are the bets they should have:

How many times is Jimmy G mentioned by Michaels, Collinsworth or Tafoya during game?

0   +170

1-2   -150

3-4  +200

over 4  +330

Will Collinsworth say something in the area of “this is fishy” when it comes to the refs and the Patriots?

Yes  +110

No  -110

Will any of these people join Timberlake during halftime show?

Britney Spears  +190

Lavar Ball +670

Joey Fatone +120

Janet Jackson +300

What is shown first during the game?

Graphic of NFC East team Super Bowl rings  Even

Brady/ Belichick overall playoff record   +180

Montage of Eagles fans being morons  +450

Anything Rocky Balboa  +140

None of the above   Even

Any of these happen on post game trophy ceremony

Brady’s trainer tosses Kraft off stage +5000

Chris Long grabs trophy and donates it charity +1687

A white Patriots receiver wins MVP  Even

Goodell while getting booed yells “I just posted my last pay stub on twitter, so screw you!”  +5000


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