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NFL Conference Championship Weekend Predictions

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots

I know what the Jags bring on defense and if they could get to Brady it could be an issue.  Remember what the Ravens were able to do a few times versus the Pats in the playoffs.  And also the Broncos.  But more times than we would like to see it is Brady and Belichick again and again to find a way to win and dominates their opponent in these big games.

All week I have heard how great Bortles played in Pittsburgh.  C’mon, he made some plays but most of it was again dumpoffs and some timely screens to Yeldon.

I just don’t see the Jags winning back to back weeks in Pittsburgh and New England.  I am tired of the Pats and love the swagger of the Jags on the defensive side of the ball.  Remember when the Pats defense was a disaster?  That has kinda turned around, you think.  Fournette could also be a non-factor if Brady gets them up early also.

New England 34  Jacksonville 14


Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles

Not many thought the Eagles would get by the Falcons with Nick Foles.  But they did.  And many turned off their televisions before the Vikings took the ball on the final drive.  Trust me, I know some who did.  Can the Eagles defeat another solid squad?  I think with the Vikings defense it would take Case Keenum to be the player he was before getting to the Vikings.  And the Eagles defense could force Keenum into struggles.

But they won’t and it is because the Vikings unlike the Falcons have two big time receivers to attack the Eagles corners.  And a solid target in Kyle Rudolph.

Thielen and Diggs will be too much for the Eagles on Sunday.  And Nick Foles will see a lot of Everson Griffin who is a stud.  The Eagles crowd will be fired up at a crazy level which will make it an interesting post game.

Minnesota  23 Philadelphia 16



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