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Final 2017 NFL Power Rankings

John Manuel



1- New England Patriots 13-3
Homefield again.

2- Minnesota Vikings 13-3
Could play Super Bowl on home field.

3- Philadelphia Eagles 13-3
Foles is a huge concern.

4- Pittsburgh Steelers 13-3
Crushing loss to Pats may kill them.

5- Los Angeles Rams 11-5
Are they playoff ready?

6- New Orleans Saints 11-5
Can they beat Panthers three times?

7- Carolina Panthers 11-5
Best game of the weekend.

8- Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6
They keep calling out Bortles!

9- Kansas City Chiefs 10-6
Should move on back to New England.

10- Atlanta Falcons 10-6
Super Bowl runner up actually made playoffs.

11- Buffalo Bills 9-7
Gonna need Shady to mend quick.

12- Tennessee Titans 9-7
Least deserving of the playoff teams.

13- Seattle Seahawks 9-7
When was the last time they were on the outside?

14- Dallas Cowboys 9-7
Possible changes on staff?

15- Los Angeles Chargers 9-7
Early kicker woes crushed them.

16- Baltimore Ravens 9-7
Really bad choke job.

17- Detroit Lions 9-7
Caldwell has no luck.

18- Arizona Cardinals 8-8
Shocked they won 8.

19- San Francisco 49ers 6-10
What if Jimmy G was there from week one?

20- Cincinnati Bengals 7-9

Good finish and Marvin is back.

21- Green Bay Packers 7-9

Probably gonna look at backup QBs.

22- Washington Redskins 7-9
Embarrassing finish in NY.

23- Miami Dolphins 6-10
Will they make major moves?

24- Oakland Raiders 6-10
Not as convinced Gruden is such a great move.

25- NY Jets 5-11
Go get a QB!

26- Denver Broncos 5-11
Thought Joseph would be a goner.

27- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-11

Thought Koetter was a goner too.

28- Chicago Bears 5-11
Fox just wasn’t given talent.

29- Houston Texans 4-12
O’Brien saved by the 5 weeks of Watson.

30- Indianapolis Colts 4-12
I guess Luck is going to be back?

31- New York Giants 3-13
Biggest shock of the season.

32- Cleveland Browns 0-16
1-31. That should be impossible.


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