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AFC West Playoff Picture

Steve Shoup

When the 2017 NFL season began with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, it looked like the Chiefs would run away with the AFC West. They started 6-2 for first half of season. But have since lost four in a row and now face division rival Oakland Raiders this Sunday.

The Raiders have been up and down and looked to be on outside looking in, but now have same record as Chiefs (6-6). The LA Chargers started 0-4 but after a couple winning streaks are also in the race at 6-6. Then the 4th team in the division, the Denver Broncos started decent with high hopes but since lost eight in a row with the season in free fall.

So between the three AFC West teams in the race at 6-6, which team has the best chance to win the division? Our bet is the LA Chargers, as they have the most momentum heading into the final quarter of the season. We wish it was as fun as playing games on Casumo casino. But this bet is much tougher to make.

Then there’s a chance that another AFC West team could be an AFC wildcard team. What are the chances? There’s still a lot of teams in the mix, but we’ll give it 40% chance that another AFC West team is in the playoffs as a wildcard team.



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