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NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

John Manuel



1- Philadelphia Eagles 8-1
Bye week and still #1.

2- New Orleans Saints 7-2
Most impressive win of the week.

3- New England Patriots 7-2
Starting to roll now.

4- Los Angeles Rams 7-2
McVay is proving to be legit.

5- Minnesota Vikings 7-2
Will be hard to bench Case Keenum.

6- Pittsburgh Steelers 7-2
Really ugly road win.

7- Kansas City Chiefs 6-3
I still think they are best challenge to Pats in AFC.

8- Seattle Seahawks 6-3
Offensive line will be downfall in end.

9- Jacksonville Jaguars 6-3

10- Carolina Panthers 6-3
Wildcard front-runners now.

11- Tennessee Titans 6-3
Titans or Jags will be a division winner.

12- Atlanta Falcons 5-4
Are they back now?

13- Dallas Cowboys 5-4
Lose a couple players and get pounded.

14- Detroit Lions 5-4
Browns looked like they might have them.

15- Buffalo Bills 5-4
I understand the move at QB.

16- Oakland Raiders 4-5
Big game in Mexico this week.

17- Washington Redskins 4-5
Defensive letdown.

18- Arizona Cardinals 4-5
Needed that win, they are done.

19- Baltimore Ravens 4-5
Weak lucky schedule continues.

20- Green Bay Packers 5-4
Got a Hundley win!

21- Miami Dolphins 4-5
Felt like the D just gave up.

22- Houston Texans 3-6
Such excitement lost by Watson’s knee.


23- NY Jets 4-6
Fitz over McCown.

24- Los Angeles Chargers 3-6
OT loss? No surprise.

25- Cincinnati Bengals 3-6
Season over.

26- Denver Broncos 3-6
How is Brock playing?

27- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-6
Season saver? no.

28- Chicago Bears 3-6
Time to unleash Mitch.

29- Indianapolis Colts 3-7
Brissett is a player.

30- San Francisco 49ers 1-9
Finally a win for Kyle.

31- New York Giants 1-8
Browns level embarrassing now.

32- Cleveland Browns 0-9
Solid first half at least.



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