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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

John Manuel

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1- Kansas City Chiefs 5-0
Alex Smith MVP. Kareem Hunt ROTY.

2- Green Bay Packers 4-1
You all knew Rodgers was gonna do that.

3- Carolina Panthers 4-1
How things turned for Cam quick.

4- Philadelphia Eagles 4-1
Huge game on Thursday for Philly.

5- Denver Broncos 3-1
Have to keep up with Chiefs.

6- Atlanta Falcons 3-1
Have to keep up with Panthers now.

7- Seattle Seahawks 3-2
Still the top of the NFC West.

8- New England Patriots 3-2
They can thank Nick Folk.

9- Minnesota Vikings 3-2
Case Keenum comes thru!

10- Jacksonville Jaguars 3-2
Ramsey and Bouye are a real good pair.

11- Detroit Lions 3-2
Stafford health now a big concern.

12- Buffalo Bills 3-2
Battled but couldn’t pull it off.

13- Washington Redskins 2-2
Needed that bye week to get right.

14- Baltimore Ravens 3-2
Offense woke up a bit.

15- Los Angeles Rams 3-2
So close to Kupp!

16- Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2
They ain’t that good.

17- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2
Field goal kicker hell.

18- Houston Texans 2-3
Watson has been really impressive.

19- New Orleans Saints 2-2
Defense? Where has that come from.

20- Oakland Raiders 2-3
Carr could be back Sunday.

21- Miami Dolphins 2-2
Anything interesting happen in Miami?

22- Tennessee Titans 2-3
Need Mariota back soon.

23- Dallas Cowboys 2-3
Defense gets worked bad.

24- NY Jets 3-2
Maybe I should show more respect?

25- Cincinnati Bengals 2-3
Back to back wins now.

26- Indianapolis Colts 2-3
Good trade for Brissett.

27- Los Angeles Chargers 1-4
A win!

28- Arizona Cardinals 2-3
Team is just not good.

29- Chicago Bears 1-4
Tough season but Mitchell is worth watching.

30- New York Giants 0-5
Nightmare in Jersey.

31- San Francisco 49ers 0-5
Pence not a fan.

32- Cleveland Browns 0-5
Now QB issues as always.


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