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NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

John Manuel

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1- Kansas City Chiefs 1-0
Most impressive win and they were pretty good just a year ago.

2- Green Bay Packers 1-0
Boring game but beat a good team.

3- Oakland Raiders 1-0
Good road win opener for 2nd straight year.

4- New England Patriots 0-1
I am sure they will bounce back.

5- Dallas Cowboys 1-0
No Beckham helped them a lot.

6- Minnesota Vikings 1-0
If Bradford stays healthy this could be a contender.

7- Baltimore Ravens 1-0
A shut out is a shut out.

8- Detroit Lions 1-0
I was impressed and should have started them higher.

9- Pittsburgh Steelers 1-0
Not sold on the Steelers.

10- Atlanta Falcons 1-0
Probably better than the 10 spot.

11- Carolina Panthers 1-0
Bounce back year in effect.

12- Philadelphia Eagles
Wentz was able to make a few big plays.

13- Seattle Seahawks 0-1
Really need to help the offensive line.

14- Los Angeles Rams 1-0
Is McVay for real?

15- Tennessee Titans 0-1
Needed to win Sunday to show they turned the page.

16- Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0
Will have a better feel next week.

17- Miami Dolphins 0-0
Same as the Bucs.

18- Denver Broncos 1-0
Siemian did just enough to get victory.

19- Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0
No one saw their week one coming.

20- Houston Texans 1-0
60 minutes is all it took for Watson era to start.

21- Buffalo Bills 1-0
Beating the awful Jets doesn’t matter.

22- San Diego Chargers 0-1
Block kick loss, tough to swallow.

23- New York Giants 0-1
Until OBJ plays I can’t have them high.

24- Washington Redskins 0-1
Too many major blunders cost them.

25- Chicago Bears 0-1
Could have pulled a huge upset.

26- New Orleans Saints 0-1
Defense folded again.

27- Arizona Cardinals 0-1
Palmer may be done, Johnson is for now.

28- Cleveland Browns 0-1
Kizer had to impress a bit.

29- Cincinnati Bengals 0-1
Embarrassment of the week.

30- NY Jets 0-1
Closest out of the sorries.

31- San Francisco 49ers 0-1
New coach same bad loss.

32- Indianapolis Colts
With no Luck, they are just awful.

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