NFC Over/Under Win Total Predictions

NFL Predictions

Dallas Cowboys 9.5 wins – Over

I think they can get 10 but I am not sold on the Cowboys at all.  And I think there will not be a big drop in Prescott’s play.  But the secondary was decimated in free agency and the defensive line by suspensions.

New York Giants 9 wins – Under

The have the talent on defense to do the same they did last year.  But I am really fading on Eli Manning as his career comes near the ending.  And the offensive line wasn’t fixed which could be a major problem.  Finally, Brandon Marshall is a jinx.

Philadelphia Eagles 8 wins – Over

The Eagles worry me in this division.  Jim Schwartz’s defense should do their job.  And I think Wentz will take a major step.  What I don’t know is if Doug Pedersen is a legit coach after one season.

Washington Redskins 7.5 wins – Over 

But they go 8-8 even though I am not confident in saying that.  Too many blunders in the off season from the continued Cousins saga to firing the GM they have needed for 20 years.  I have my concerns.

Chicago Bears 5.5 wins – Under

The team can’t catch a break.  Now that Cam Meredith is done for the season.  This season is all about when will Mitch take the helm and is he going to be a real starter.  So far it looks promising at least.

Detroit Lions 8.0 wins – Even

I like Jim Caldwell and the mystery of Stafford’s potential free agency is over with the huge deal.  I think they have done a good job building on the defensive side the past 3 years.  They are going in the right direction but can’t get 9 wins.

Minnesota Vikings 8.5 wins – Under

Gonna pass on Bradford finally.  Defense should be good but they couldn’t carry them last season.  They tried to improve the offensive line but did they add the right guys?

Green Bay Packers 10 wins – Over

But I need them to start 1-3 because it seems like when they seem down Aaron Rodgers goes off and they end up division champs again.  Still think they are the class of the division.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8.5 wins – Over

Koetter is a question mark as coach I think.   Jameis shows promise but now it is time to be a top 8-10 QB.  They added a lot on offense while still having a decent talent group on defense.  I like the Bucs.

Carolina Panthers 8.5 wins – Under

I wanna like the Panthers as a come back team.  Problem is I like this whole division and can’t see four teams winning nine.  Rivera always bounces back when you think he is dead though.

Atlanta Falcons 9.5 wins – Over

Too much talent there.  Does the Super Bowl loser curse worry me?  Yes but they added in the off season to an already loaded roster.

New Orleans Saints 8.0 wins – Over

The Saints have been down for a bit now.  But I think they can bounce back this season.  Drew Brees isn’t leaving New Orleans so I can’t see them being awful and being forced to move on from him.

Arizona Cardinals 8.0 wins – Under

David Johnson is a freak, Matheiu and Peterson are monsters and Fitzgerald is a legend.  After that I think this team lost their window.  I ain’t buying that Palmer is gonna bounce back and have a good year.

Los Angeles Rams 5.5 wins – Over

Buying into McVay making some noise with Goff.  Enough noise to win 6 at least.  Their defense adds a huge addition in Wade Phillips.  He always ends up in the top five.

San Francisco 49ers 4.5 wins – Under

I think this will be a building year for Lynch and Shanahan.  Just think of all the talent that is now retired or left from the Harbaugh years.  They really missed out on winning the big one.

Seattle Seahawks 10.5 wins – Under

I think the Seahawks will slide some.  I think there is still some weirdness out in Seattle and it has spread to the football team.  Anytime you almost trade away one of the best defensive players in the league I have questions if everyone is in cahoots.



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