AFC Over/Under Win Total Predictions


New England Patriots  12.5 wins – Over

The division is still a walkover for the Pats.  They won the Super Bowl and got more talented.  Edelman will be missed but they can make up for it.  They did for Gronk last year.

Buffalo Bills 6 wins – Under

Anytime you have a rookie coach coming in it is hard to tell.  The Bills have moved on from high picks like Watkins and Gilmore.  The defensive front seven and Shady will keep them competitive but they can only do so much.

Miami Dolphins  7.5 wins – Over

I thought this was low.  I actually think Cutler back with Gase could be better than Tannehill.  And I think Tunsil will help solidify their offensive line for Cutler.  Someone has to win 8 to stay within five games of the Pats.

NY Jets 4.5 wins – Under

I really want to say they get to five wins but I can’t because their are so pathetic on offense.  Name 5 guys on that side of the ball other than the 3 awful QBs.  But their defensive line will cause havoc if they can stay healthy.

Cleveland Browns  4.5 wins – Over

Yes, over.  The key for the Browns season though is to find out if Kizer is their future at starter.  And starting him from week one was the right choice even if it gets ugly.  If he can’t go there are plenty of options next Spring in the draft.

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 wins – Under

Big Ben took awhile to decide to return for this season.  Not really sold he is in it.  Bryant is a rare talent but also a moron so can he be trusted?  I am not as high on the Steelers as most.

Baltimore Ravens 9 wins – Under

Flacco just started throwing only 12 days out from their opener.  They are weak at running back, receiver, tight end and on the line.  And I am not as confident as most that the defense is as good as most think.

Cincinnati Bengals 8.5 wins – Over

I think they bounce back.  Last season sucked but they pretty much lost every guy who made plays on offense.  Marvin always finds a way to come back the next season and 9 wins will do that again.

Tennessee Titans 8.5 wins – Under

Close to being a true contender but not yet.  I like a lot of what they have accomplished since being the leagues worst.  I think it is another year away.

Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5 wins – Under

The fellas they have added to the defense say 9 wins.  But on the other hand Blake Bortles and when he takes his place Chad Henne says 3 wins.  Maybe Fournette can carry 900 times and keep this interesting.

Houston Texans 8.5 wins – Over

Osweiler was the worst.  Worse than Bortles.  And they still made the playoffs.  Savage is not Brady but I think he can be better than Osweiler.  They have a lot of talent on this roster.

Indianapolis Colts 9 wins – Under

I think this is a disaster.  What is the deal with Luck?  Is Pagano still the coach?  I guess Luck will be ready for the season.  But the situation with Pagano is never going to get right until he is gone.  It’s the Les Miles of the NFL situation.

Denver Broncos  8.5 wins – Under

New unknown coach.  Still questions at QB.  No more Wade Phillips.  I can’t see them getting to 9.

Kansas City Chiefs 9 wins – Even

9-7 for the Chiefs.  Andy Reid has done a good job and I like what they got.  But now they have developed a quarterback issue by trading way up to get Mahomes.  He is the guy in 2018.  Will it be sooner?

Oakland Raiders 10 wins – Even

10-6.  I like what they have done and getting Carr back from injury is a plus.  But now many think they can challenge the Patriots and I don’t see it yet.

Los Angeles Chargers  7.5 wins – Over

At first I thought it could be a tough first year in LA.  Does Rivers really want to be there?  New coach also.  But I think Rivers plays well.  I think Joey Bosa will be dominant.  And I think the small confides makes for a solid home field.



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